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Fuck the Anime Club


You know, on the internet I could care less if idiots form their little "No Homers" club to antagonize me in every turn, especially in places like twitter which has become the hateful cesspool for said idiots to express their stupidity and gangbang on any other person they want gone from their own little twisted world.  I have learned that "online friendship" is anything but and only a very few people who are good towards you know how you really feel about everything.

With these idiots online I simply roll my eyes and switch on the block button on their asses, never to hear from them again unless they have over 9000 alternate accounts on which I will be pretty much busy blocking the lot of them, still doable mind you.

But when it comes to the assholes at a little group called "the anime club" at the community college I am currently attending, its hard to press any button to shut them up since there is none, if of course, you don't count the fact that you can beat the shit out of them to shut them up.  Something I cannot do since I still don't want to be expelled before I actually see how far I can go with what remains of my youth.  I actually want to do something with my life other than seeing how stupid the human race truly is every single day of my existence.

But you see, you could ask why am I doing with a bunch of 20 something porch monkeys who are still playing yu gi oh as the little weeaboos they are, and who are also bronies?  After all, someone my age shouldn't bother with such immature turds right?

I gave myself a chance on humanity and in order to do so I went on along joining this club, thinking maybe, just maybe I was wrong about people and that probably if I opened up as much as I could and made an effor t otolerate such childeshness they could see me as someone they could count on for a while, that maybe I was just being so closed mindede that I could probably believe that there would be such a group to count on and let me redeem myself after all the shit I have tossed at me by so called friends and family, that hopefully I would never have to become something of a hermit who would glare at anyone passing by from my dusty window at my home.

Too bad these morons proved me right about one thing, that there is no such thing as being human.

Let me see...I have actually contributed as much as I could to this thing, being that I was excited that I could find people who could see over anything but instead just pretended to care.  I will let them have my DVDs since those Anime are the worst I ever owned anyway, was either that or the trash bin to be honest.  I won't even ask for the 5 dollars that some as to this date, haven't even bother to pay to that president of the club guy, but again, doesn't matter does it?

Because no one in that little shit ridden club wanted me around anyway.

You know, I already mentioned there are weeaboos and bronies in that thing, so I guess I will just watch it from the sidelines as it starts to degrade into nothing from the inside.  I mean, I actually was given a favor of not bothering with them being they have two of the worst kind of people in already.

But I wish that were the end of it really, I would just rant and forget.  But like I said, this was my chance to actually socialize and become part of something since I already tried it online and it was all a joke, turns out its no different from what these assholes did as well.

Thanks to them I was so depressed that I attempted suicide at home that very night.

It was a blessing that I managed to dial 911 so the fuzz could pick me up and send me to that mental place to recover.  I missed 2 days of school and am figuring how to pay the rent since the fucking bank took a chunk out of my already thin social check, but at least I survived.

However I am in complete withdrawal at the moment, and I don't really feel like talking to any fucking one for a long, long time thanks to these fags.

I already know they are having a ball as always, playing their stupid yu gi oh or smash bros. games, or that crappy ad lib game that bronytard Michael goaded everyone else to get in with.  Its all good, because when they get to my age it'll all change for the worst.

For the time being they all can eat horse dick, because you know how much bronies love horse dick.

And this, as I make my promise today and forever, will be the very last time I ever bother in socializing.  I gave humanity a chance and it spat at my face.  Then I sure hope God has mercy on them all because I am not going to bother any fucking more.

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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
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