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Hey guys. Long one here. None of it's bad stuff, though.

A couple of you have started reaching out to me and talking on IM. It's SO great to meet friends from all over, and I really do enjoy getting to talk to you guys, even if I can't respond as quickly as I'd like, especially when I'm talking to multiple people at the same time. But please, by all means: if I in any way seem like someone you wanna chat with, take the chance. You can hit me up on Yahoo or on AIM. If I'm online, I'm almost definitely there. After all, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet :3

In terms of talking to me, I'm totally cool to talk, RP, or yiff. I am, however, happily mated, so furs who are looking for romantic entanglement should look elsewhere. I >WILL< heartily reject you. I know that sounds really presumptuous (ie. "Everyone must just loooooooove me!") but I've had it happen more than once that someone would not take no for an answer and it ended up spoiling what was an otherwise wonderful friendship. Just friends. Okay? :3

A lot of people have been streaming lately, and I don't have the time or space to do it myself yet - and won't for about another half year at the earliest. However, I'd really like to explore ways to get to know you guys, collaborate, hang out, and have fun. I know watching someone agonize over pronoun use on stream is boring as all hell, so I'm not thinking about writing on a stream. But maybe something like, broadcast a Let's Play, or maybe we could all hop on XBox Live and play Street Fighter or Modern Warfare 2/Black Ops or something. I dunno...ideas? Y/N? "Forget it your voice is annoying?" Opinions here, doodz!

Totally love meeting you guys on IM, but I dunno about this InkBunny friends thing. I'm undecided as it currently stands. It doesn't really seem to add that much to the site's functionality. I don't really intend on having things on here that people who aren't part of an inscrutable clique can't see. Especially as a writer only, I can't afford to limit the exposure I get. I know I'll never be famous or get Ursa Majors or anything. I don't care about that at all. I do, however, care about people being able to read my stuff without limitation, especially so they can suggest me to their friends!

BTW, totally (and please) suggest me to your friends if you think they'd like my writing.

Anyway, friends thing: probably won't do it, so don't be offended. Okay? :3

Who's playing what these days? I don't play WoW anymore, thought I could be enticed back if there was a nice, non-drama, furry and active raiding guild (a lot to ask, huh?). Any of you guys have Super Street Fighter 4? I'd love to square off against some new people!

What do you guys think of my stories? Feel free to PM me this, but details about length, wordiness, quality/quantity of the yiff, editing errors and such are very welcome. No suggestions or requests please! I already have like five works in progress; my poor brain doesn't have room for any more!

I TOTALLY blow at story titles. If any of you have an idea for a series title and subtitles for my college series, that would be great. That one seems to be my most popular. Followed by the one with the tigers, which I also need a name for, and will also be a series. Any ideas? Help a fur out!

I have five exams over the course of four days this week. BUSY!! As such, I won't be around very much to chat, but rest assured that I'm constantly plinking away at the next story.

AFK for a while, from April 15 to April 28. I'm participating in a cultural project in Northern Labrador (Google it) and will have limited internet access at best. Again, it'll prevent me from talking to you guys often, but rest assured that I will be checking Inkbunny as often as possible to keep up with the haps. Make sure you guys miss me lots, okay?

I'm moving to Ottawa for the summer as part of my school program around April 30. I'm going to be working with the federal government starting May 2. Any Ottawa furs? :3 Who wants to show me around? If nothing else, it'll put me in a closer timezone to more of you.

</ longjournal>

<your comments? :3>
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
Its been great to meet you too ^.^   And yeah, im into anything as well, lol, ask is all i ask =D
And grats on finding someone, I wish the best for you two =3
And I love writing too, =P so I'll be keeping an eye on your stuff ^.^ always love a good story
as for XBL - i have an account, but its not gold anymore
Good Luck on your exams, and have fun with your cultural project man!! ^.^
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