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Weird me out challenge: Finalists - Vote for your favorite!

First of all. Sorry for the delay. I hit a artsy low on the weekend and was not in the mood to do much art related stuff.

Thanks to everyone that wrote something. I didn't reply cause I wanted the journal to stay readable. There were only 10 submissions, so I don't have to single someone out. ^^
Although some of those are very complicated to draw (especially those with several characters). I might simplify those if they get voted for. Also I am bad at drawings humans. I'll do it but don't expect too much. And lastely some of the mentioned idea's I haven't understand fully. I might have to inquire what is meant exacle if one like that is chosen.

Vote here or on Inkbunny. Comment or send a note if you want to remain anonymous. Don't vote on both IB and FA though. Be honest please. If I find out I have to remove your votes.
You can give 3 points to your favorite and 1 point to your second favorite.


{1}From AlexReynard:
Justin & Lena, from Down In The Dumps: Both cubs are nude. Lena is letting Justin sensually pick her nose while she grins and gives him a handjob.

{2}From Soline:
A Goo-herm with dreadlocks and horns, fucking a fire-hydrant and sounding a dog (less than a quater her size) on a leash and with a police-badge stuck to one of her breasts and holding a Dominatrix Crop in one hand.
Inside her is a hyper female Na'vi (from the movie Avatar, and about half the googirl's size) who is being raped/inflated by the goo-herm's goo. almost all the way inside the Navi's pussy is a giant dildo. The Na'vi is very unwilling, and is dressed in Dominatrix gear that looks like she should be the one holding the crop.
Just to the side is a sign saying "Don't feed the Goo"
(basically, the Navi was dressed up like a dominatrix and sitting on the huge dildo, a Goo Policeherm caught her and stuffed her inside after stealing her crop, and is now masturbating with a nearby dog and the fire hydrant she caught him about to piss on)

{3}From KimiKins:
How bout we start with some lopped off balls and a banded cock and while you're getting your ass ravaged by a lil lion w/ a strappon who is gripping your now purple cock with her claws and saying something like "And you deserve to keep this why?"

{4}From Kyle_Blackpaw:
using the neck of a decapitated cub who has had all their limbs cut off as a fuck toy while sticking a fist up their ass and masturbating their dick from the inside, while their head is on a post and is moaning wildly and drooling and their limbs are being cooked on a grill

{5}From Kotarin:
Spider pinning someone and pumping thier rectum with webbing to inflate thier stomach, using the oversized mass of the other's body as a new home to climb in and out of whilst the host still roams about. better yet, make it a trap door spider using a buttplug as the door.

{6}From Anonymous:
Male cub. Can be any species, but cat preferred. Dark dingy place. Maybe a basement or a dungeon. He has quite a distended belly. He's writhing in pain as he's trying to push an egg out of his tailhole. One that is too big for him and it's starting to tear the rim of his anus.

{7}From Arcturus:
Colonic Masturbation. What's that? It's where you stick your dick in someone, slit the stomach and start jerking yourself off with the entrails >:D

{8}From caldaq:
Female grey roswell type alien with a-cup breasts getting tentacle raped and egged.

{9}From fscribe:
hhhmmmm.... how about Minda lounging on wolf form Link (as if he were a couch) eating a roasted Peter Puppy, from Earthworm Jim (with an erection still visible) while she watches a shaved (completely hairless) Komamura from Bleach being forced into submissive sex by two of the Street Sharks.

{10}From Supuhstar:
using parasites to invade their body, make them feel, see, smell more intensely, then make them want the pain. Make them crave it. Have large ones crawl up their urethra, and make them cum for it.
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
3 points for #2, and 1 point for #5
7 years, 10 months ago
ten points to gryffindor, 3 to #4 and 1 to #7

unless im not allowed to vote for my own in which case 3 for #7 and 1 for #6

gah their all so good, why cant i vote for them all?
7 years, 10 months ago
No that's okay. You can vote foryourself (thus the 2nd vote :3)
7 years, 10 months ago
you mean the first vote?
7 years, 10 months ago
I meant you can put 3 and 1 points so in case everyone votes for himself at least someone gets some extra points ^^
7 years, 10 months ago
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