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Unpopular Gaming Opinions

Yeah, so I got tagged by
to give a list of my unpopular gaming opinions... I think I actually kinda inspired this meme, because folks, you'd better believe I have a lot of 'em.  So... Uh... without further ado, let's get people p***ed with me.

Unpopular Gaming Opinions Rules:

1. You ain't gotta defend a damn thing. They're not wrong gaming opinions, just unpopular ones.
2. Tag some people when you're done so it will spread around.


Final Fantasy 8 was the best in the series by a longshot, and Squall Leonhart is one of the most interesting characters in the series.  He's NOT emo, despite popular belief, and he's a f**kton more interesting than many of the OTHER protagonists... not to mention the fact that he is the single most powerful player character in FF History with his Lionheart attack.  If you didn't like FF8, you're lying to join the crowd, or you didn't play it.

Final Fantasy 9 was an incredible eyesore and nigh unplayable because of its artstyle.

Final Fantasy 7 while a game-changer, the first 3D RPG, and a SPECTACULAR, historic game.... was entirely, unbelievably overrated, and Cloud is one of the worst protagonists (in terms of personality) in the entire series.

Final Fantasy X was one of the better ones in the series, and the focus on the romance between Tidus and Yuna was touching and well done.  It was also one of the only games I've seen religion touched on with any sort of sensitivity.

Final Fantasy Dissidia for the PSP was a misunderstood masterpiece and one of the best games ever made.

Military First Person Shooters suck.  End of story.  Never have been fun, never WILL be fun.  Call of Battlefield of Honor clone #3029 will also NOT be an improvement on the previous game because they're MILITARY SHOOTERS.  THEY'RE ALL THE SAME.

World War II shooters need to stop being made.  Believe it or not, but I think we've killed all the Nazis that we can.  There's nothing left to do with the subject.

Halo is a rip-off of a novel by Larry Niven, and despite popular belief, the gameplay is NOT innovative or world-changing... In fact, it was a complete rip-off of Tribes 2.

Western RPGs are generic wastes of time, WITH THE EXCEPTIONS of Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect.  All of them have you play as Generic McGenericson, a generic warrior/mage/thief with generic clothing and equipment fighting through generic dungeons with little to no plot.

Continuing on Western RPGS: D&D-style stats belong in pen-and-paper games, not in video games.  

Grand Theft Auto 4 and Saints Row 3 were both MASSIVE disappointments because they were smaller, had less crap to do, and GTA actually controlled WORSE than the previous generation.

Multiplayer should be phased out of gaming completely.  Gaming is an anti-social activity and always has been.  You don't game to be around other people, you do it to get away from them.  Also, adding multiplayer to games makes the quality suffer, makes them shorter, makes them less complex, and essentially cuts a game in half by forcing a large part of disc capacity, time, and effort to be spent on it.

For an example of this: Look at Soul Calibur 4 and 5 compared to 2 and 3.  2 and 3 had AMAZING single-player modes which you could spend dozens of hours having fun with, playing like an RPG.  4 and 5 had rudimentary single player and an online mode.... That's it.  Whoopdiedoo.   Also, the PSP Soul Calibur didn't even HAVE a single player mode.

MMOs are ALL wastes of money that people delude themselves into thinking are fun for a while.  The only exceptions to the rule are Phantasy Star Online and its sequels since it can be played Single Player... and Phantasy Star Universe actually has a plot.  Also: .//Hack and its sequels because it's an MMO simulation...  All the fun without the other people ruining it.

Sonic hasn't had a good console game since Sonic Adventure 2, and a good handheld since Sonic Chronicles for the DS.  The games are too focused on speed, rendering the character completely uncontrollable now.  In order to save the franchise, they need to ditch what little continuity that the series has and make it into a Jak-and-Daxter-esque adventure series with the SatAM/Archie continuity.  Also: Rouge the Bat is NOT that hot, especially when compared to Amy or Cream.

Resident Evil hasn't been good since they stopped using the T-Virus and the G-Virus in favor of parasites.  Also, in games in general: SLOW ZOMBIES ARE SCARIER!!!  What's scarier: a dozen fast zombies you can mow down in a few shots... or a slow, creeping army of zombies who can take heavy damage who will slowly drag away what little space you can put between them and you?

Gimmicky controllers in gaming need to stop.  No one likes motion control.  No one likes touchscreens.  Give us controllers with buttons, and THAT'S IT.

Gimmicky GAMES in gaming need to stop.  Team-based gaming (Zelda: Four Swords), Equipment/Power-based gaming (Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy, Sonic Colors, Sonic Unleashed)...  They AREN'T COOL.  Gamers don't want games based around a gimmick.  We want games based around the core gameplay of games that were GOOD to begin with with a few tweaks.  You know what they changed from Sonic 1, CD, 2, and 3?  Improved graphics, the Sonic Spin, a few new characters, and new shields.  THAT'S ABOUT IT.  I'll be interested in Mario and Sonic again when they make Sonic Adventure 3 or Mario 64 2.

Microsoft's X-Box systems are the worst game systems ever made.  Any one who bought one DESERVED to waste their money.  Microsoft should stick to making OSes for computers.  ...Then again, considering how bad Windows 8 is... >_>;;;

Nintendo is a shadow of its former self, with no quality control on the games it puts out, no idea how to launch a system, and a pattern of constantly making boneheaded moves.

The Playstation Vita is significantly better than the 3DS.  The PSP was significantly better than the DS.

The Wii had a grand total of THREE good games in its entire run: Smash Bros Brawl, Zelda Twilight Princess, and Zelda: Skyward Sword.  Twilight Princess was better on the Gamecube.

...Speaking of Zelda: Best game in the series by FAR is Twilight Princess.  Ocarina of Time is fourth at best.

Casual gamers aren't gamers and should stop deluding themselves and get real lives.  Stop pretending that Angry Birds and Cut the Rope and all that BS is fun.  If it comes in an "app," it's not a GAME.  If it can be played on a cellphone, IT'S NOT A GAME.

Defiance looks good, but won't last more than a year because it's related to something done by the "Syfy" Channel, and also reliant on a TV show to draw people.  The show gets cancelled, the game fails, end of story.


The Sega Genesis was better than the SNES.

The Dreamcast was an amazing system with great games and a built in Game-boy for the memory card.  WHY did people not like this?!  Gamer snobbery is the only thing I can figure.

Difficulty in games should be as easy as possible.  I don't get aroused by seeing someone navigate UBERHARDZOMGDIE mode.   I think they spent way too much time on a game to be able to do that.

Achievements and Trophies suck.  They discourage gamemakers from putting fun and interesting cheats and secrets into games, they slow things down, and they're only there for bragging rights... as if ANYONE would think that getting 100% of the trophies in a game is something to brag about.

And finally, this is the one that makes me furious:  STORY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN A GAME!!!  GAMEPLAY AND GRAPHICS COME SECOND AND THIRD!!!   I'll play ANYTHING as long as the story is compelling and amazing.
....Well...  There we go.  I think I've just about p***ed off EVERYONE.  Y'know, to be honest, I've learned to TRY to keep controversial opinions to myself... but I fail horribly a lot of the time, because people goad them out of me. T_T;;;  

Not looking to the flame war this is gonna cause...

Anyway, time for tagging.

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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
My stats:
13 completely agrees
8 half agrees
3 don't know/cares
5 disagrees
1 complete disagree (Sonic Chronicles completely sucked IMO)

Conclusion: Great share!
6 years ago
*laughs* I came here expecting the best.
I was not disappointed.
6 years ago
*Sighs.* Like I said, I was reluctant to do this...  I know I have STRONG opinions and REALLY unpopular ones... but here's hoping I can just say 'em now and never say 'em again. ^_^;;;;
6 years ago
Sorry Skye, but once again, I'm going to have to completely disagree about the "story vs gameplay" element.  Why?  For the simple reason that some of the most popular games of all times, like Pac Man, Super Mario Brothers, and Tetris, have had either very flimsy story, or no story whatsoever.

Most of the time, the story is just an excuse for the gameplay.  The best story-driven games are the ones where the story adds to the gameplay.
6 years ago
Your views on the Xbox 360 is not an unpopular one, theirs plenty of like minded people who collectively hate the Microsoft consoles and windows 8.
6 years ago
All valid points. I daresay some will argue with your opinions, but that's the joy of everyone having their own mind.
Personally I agree with all of your points, although I'm hardly in a position to have a say (my last major gaming experience was nearly 15 years ago :p)
6 years ago
LOL. You're either not a gamer, or really old. Joking X3
6 years ago
Holy crap, someone else who actually likes Final Fantasy 8. I have deep attachments to this game since it was the first Final Fantasy I ever played. And it is my favorite. I also liked what I played of Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2. If only because I disagree on the idea of power-based gimmicks, and I liked the dress spheres. ...I'm also a girl, so that probably explains that.

And I have to disagree, at least partially, on your placement of Story versus Gameplay. Story is important, yes. But I'm not going to care how good the story is if I cannot navigate through the actual game to get to the story.
6 years ago
FF8 is my favorite games of all time.  It's one of my Desert Island video games.
6 years ago
I'm going to hate and like you on this one.  Being a gamer myself and will be honest I'll skip some due to not owning much.

FF8:  I disagree since Squall doesn't have personality to me.  That honestly could be better but it's the gameplay that's worst so I honestly feel sorry for the guy.

FF9:  It's not too terrible but it could have been done better.

FF7:  It's still a good game even if there's more cheese than a bad joke.  The balance felt right to my eyes.

FF10:  To hint first off, Final Fantasy has punched religion more times than you think but this is probably the most noteworthhy of them.  Try looking up a Final Fantasy handheld (the title slipped my mind) and FF Tactics to see what I mean.  Not Tactics Advance.  But I would agree with you here.

Dissidia:  THAT is quite the epic game.  Fighting and RPG done right.  Makes me wish for it.

Military FPS:  Full out Agree

WW2shooters:  As above

Halo:  ??? WtHex?

WestRPGs:  That's a wide Brush but I will say that you got a lot to aim at so I say you hit and missed with this one since there are some that are good and some that aren't.  What I do agree on with this:  Good luck digging.

D&D:  I agree but we need a way to keep up with stats.  Heard there's programs for that.

SR/GTA/Sandbox Games:  Clear out Cluster f-.   And I won't start on multiplayer that they try to stuff in there.

Multiplayer:  Sorry but I have to disagree to a Point.  Multiplayer should be in games but they should be like a topping that makes the game better.  I mean, Local Multiplayer and some online play is SO SO worth it like a local smash tournament or a decent web based card battle game.    I agree the games need to have a GREAT single-player before anything else.

MMOs:  (no comment due to inefficient EXP)

Sonic:  I do agree they need a reboot, but they need to remix it to try to do sonic right, not too fast to be a speed runner's dream, BUT a real game focused on getting to the stage's end.  And Rouge is overrated. :-p

Resident Evil:  (no comment due to inefficient EXP)

Gimmick Controllers:  I bleeping enjoy them.  Makes it a breath of air.  Touch Screen > Waggle for me though.  

Gimmick Games:  They need some love too but not to much to be making something forgotten.  Sure they can be a bother but why not mix it up?

X-Box: Feeling sorry for them but know they bit their own selves.

Nintendo:  I have seen it change but it still has the qualities that makes it great so I won't give up on them though hope they make it.

PSVita:  (no comment due to inefficient EXP)

Wii:  That console has more than 3 I mean I got Mario Party 8, Brawl, DKCR, and Chocobo Mystery Dungeon.

Zelda: (no comment due to inefficient EXP) but I say I have enjoyed 4Swords.

Apps:  They are games, though they are more simple they are games.  I don't consider them games in the console way but games as in PC games.

Defiance: (no comment due to inefficient EXP)

3rd person Stealth:  (no comment due to inefficient EXP)

Sega Genesis < SNES

Dreamcast:  Wish it existed to keep hope in gaming alive

Difficulty:  I'll say it like this, Easy to pick up, Complex in it's ways, yet HARD to master.

Achivements and Trophies:  Leave them for the ones that want to hunt them down... or better yet, make it an option.

Story:  It's HIGHLY important, not all games need it but most of them flipping do...Especially if they are a new IP.

Dang...that's a lot to cover.  Sorry.
6 years ago
The main one I disagree with is that the Wii only had 3 good games. Super Mario Galaxy, both No More Heroes games, Kirby's Return To Dream Land and Donkey Kong Country Returns were all solid, great games, bringing some beloved Nintendo franchises back to their roots.
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