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First Furrycon Ever

Hello all! Welp, it's finally happened. I'm about to attend a furrycon for the first time in my life. Heh, I guess this means I finally get to graduate from a lurker/small-time-provider status in this fandom XD  Well, for the record, I will be attending Fur-Eh! up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for the duration of the weekend (look it up, kthx). *deep breath* sooooo nervous. Yeah, I'm shy...

Anyways, on a related note, I'm going to try and secure a table at the dealer's den so I can sell some of Mizzyam's artwork. This will be in the form of art DVD's or a bulk file transfer from an SD card. Everything up for sale was once contained in all the art CD's that were available for online purchase (no longer available). I, of course, have Mizzyam's permission and all funds raised from sales will be forwarded to him (his work, after all, and he could use the money).

So, having said that, I ought to point something out to people who have commissioned Mizzyam in the past: some of your commissions were included in the original art CD's, and thus were up for purchase by total strangers (myself included). Please keep in mind that even though the work in question is something you paid Mizzyam to produce for you, he still retains the rights to the work he produces. As such, it can be sold for his profit again, just as it was before with the art CD's. I apologize if you don't agree with me reselling stuff you've commissioned, but it's entirely for Mizzyam's benefit and the same logic applies in this situation as it did with the art CD's. To that end, I'm sorry, but I'm not seeking anyone's approval or permission here. I just figured I'd grant you all the courtesy of informing you of my intentions and to offer this message up as a disclaimer. Sorry if this upsets anyone. Please know it goes to a good cause.

Okay, so...I think I've about covered my ass, and this is TL;DR already. Wish me luck =3

Peace and love everybody <3
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
Good luck, not that you'll need it =3

Mizzy-proxy go!
5 years, 9 months ago
No, actually, I did need all the luck in the world. I'm such a disgrace =/
5 years, 9 months ago
oh? What happened? Talk to me when you get a chance =/
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