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That's it, I officially HATE Cartoon Network.

Why you ask?


No longer do they say "pissed" but rather now they say "ticked"! TICKED?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

I was completely shitty after hearing that last night when I saw that hot dog episode. I was like WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!?

Why would they do that man? There's a reason why the show's rated PG so they CAN say words like that! But I guess it was "too inappropriate for the younger audience" or some stupid lame ass shit reason. And I don't give a fuck if I'm cussing up a fucking storm because I'M FUCKING PISSSED!

They hardly ever show "The Power" episode either! I LOVED THAT EPISODE! And yes they said crap and pissed and crotch in that episode but that's what made this show so awesome and unique!

They still say crap but I loved it when Mordecai said "You pissed me off." That was the moment where I had such high respect for this show.

Don't get me wrong, I still love regular show but I'm just so pissed that they had to freakin' censor it.  I have ZERO respect for Cartoon Network right now.

If it weren't for Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball, I wouldn't be watching it anymore.

For those of you who like RS, tell me what you think about this! Are you just as mad as I am or you don't care or what? I just wanna hear your opinion on this.

*sigh* Well there's my very first rant.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
i dont think pissed really counts as a cuss word, i think its pretty stupid, but i guess ticked is a moderate okay replacer =w=;; CN is idiots sometimes lol
6 years ago
I don't even like the sound of ticked. It sounds so lame not to mention it doesn't sound the same as pissed. Pissed is not even a curse word. It's just a strong way saying you're angry. Yes it's inaproppriate but not enough that it had to be censored. =/
6 years ago
agreed, i ACTUALLY said it to myself, they RUINED that episode now =w=;; they get too overbent and shit, and its dumb
6 years ago
I'm right with you. They fucking ruined that episode. It's just...GOD WHY?!!!
6 years ago
The show isn't shown over here in this country so I had do download a tonne from Dailymotion (I have Seasons 1 and 2, still some episodes 3 and 4 to get), and I thought censoring in this country could get silly. O.o

The word "Pissed" can be used in PG content like Simpsons, but a lot of swears can't be used on TV, funny fact: I once witnessed an episode on TV where they poorly dubbed over Homer saying "Bastard" with an "Ahh!" sound, or cutting out scenes entirely.

It's also odd that PG is considered a "wimpy" rating over here and a "12" (UK equivalent of a PG-13) can allow for more swears, innuendos, violence and even F-Bombs yet some content can still be heavily cut or obviously censored, for instance take a look at this fuck up that occurred with the Avengers movie: http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B00742SZEU/ref...
6 years ago
Well, I thought they only did that to Regular Show on Netflix 'cause they used ticked, but they used it on air?
Wow, I'm sorta actually upset why they did this, I mean if they did, they should just keep it that way and not censore it after it's release. For some reason, maybe Cartoon Network were forced to do this because you know how parents are.
5 years, 11 months ago
Parents need to learn that they can't fucking control everything.
6 years ago
I never cared for CartoonNetwork until Adventure Time and Regular Show but CN is retarded to do that. I agree.
6 years ago
Yeah I was really pissed off when I first heard about Regular Show first episodes were gonna be fix
And this was the second time seeing Meat Your Maker
I'm hoping so fucking badly on the DVD it's NOT change !!!!!

But CN can suck a disease dick
6 years ago
Remember, Cartoon Network is a kid's show channel. If certain things weren't censored, CN could air the Electric Soldier Porygon episode.
6 years ago
I only noticed this on Netflix.  But to hear that they're censoring "pissed" und other words und innuendos like that... *sighs heavily* that, in itself, is such a vagina move for Cartoon Network.

Und while we're on the subject, why don't we get Cartoon Network to head over to the drugstore, und buy some condoms.  You know why?  'Cause we should all at least be safe if they're going to FUCK US!!!!!  Und you know what else?!  Some lubricant would be nice, too!  Because I'd like to be all lubed up before I get good und FUCKED!!!!!!!!

(P.S. I pray to God they give us DVDs of uncut episodes.  Ask my nemesis on deviantART und FurAffinity, D-Blue02, und he'll more than agree.)
6 years ago
It IS on DVD. You can buy it at Wal-Mart
6 years ago
Cn is for kids, what do you expect? I have that episode on DVD. It has the original episode on it. Just buy the dvd
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