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A new feature here at IB- One of several new features added today, some you might've noticed already- is a "friends-only" system of posting journals, submissions & stream links. This gives IB some of what LiveJournal had been able to do for years, and is a "promised feature" on FA- Yeah, right! :) But seriously, this continues to demonstrate that IB is what FA should've been all along. Now, if they could add files in PMs, that would be great- Someday, someday! :) But yet another Kudos to Starling, et al, for making this the better, friendlier site for ALL furries. :)

Now, of course.... :) If you'd like me to send a friend request to you, in case I post journals or submissions I want to remain otherwise private- Mostly journals, so I might be able to discuss things on my mind that I'm still not comfortable discussing publicly (I'm sure some might guess at what)- either PM me or send me a Friend request, if you plan on doing much the same, and I'll fire off a Friend request your way. :)

Note that I do have discretion as to whether I friend you or not, but I think the vast majority will probably go through.

Well, then... Ready? Aim... Friend me! :)

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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
throws the Flying Lepticguini Sisters at

Spinniguetti: Hai-oo!
Fettusqueezi: Banooni!
Hopperoni: Ya-whee!

[The Flying Lepticguini Sisters give
a message.]

Spinniguetti: The weirdo, CyberCorn Entropic, harmless though he is–
Fettusqueezi: Bids us give you his Friend Request–
Hopperoni: Although it'd be cheaper if he just clicked the button.

[The Flying Lepticguini Sisters fling themselves away.]

Spinniguetti: Banzai!
Fettusqueezi: Eh-hoo-hoo-wee!
Hopperoni: Narf!
8 years ago
That's the best laugh I've had all day! :D That deserves the acceptance of the Friend request! :)

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