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Commissions update 04.28.2013 (The Crusade starts!)

Personal Note: Well, I think it is obvious to everyone that my art output sucks as of right now. I'm up to my eyeballs in backlogged art, which at least 60% has been paid for. Anthrocon is coming up, I don't have much funding for it and Danji and I are still planning for it. So, as off right now. I do not have the funding to go. But there's still time and I do have options. So, I'm starting a commissions crusade. Its like Iron artist, but not as wimpy. meaning that I'll quadruple my output of art, with commissions, here and everywhere else. Meaning that, I've been lazing out because I lost "faith" or prospective on myself and the work I do. I'm trying hand, believe me. The problem is that I'm not trying hard enough. My life is in shambles, I haven't gotten my act together. That has to stop. I know its meaningless to just talk about. But, the first step is to admit that I have a problem. Now, what will I do about that problem.

The solution is simple. I'll limit my lecture to just art since the problem is everything. The commissions crusade, (yes I'm a warhammer 40k fan) The crusade is about drawing as much as I can and posting in all galleries. I would like to influence the fandom more than I have. I know I can do it. Look, I don't want the attention. That thought scares the fuck out of me. >w< What I mean that the fandom at best, being monopolized by artist groups like Hardblush, Cocktails, ect. Or, at worst stagnating under a pile girly femboys. I know, its shocking coming from me. But, its true, statistically speaking and from observation. I know someone will show me data that shows that what I said is not true, but still. Hell, the "furry god" (according to ED) Zen and his bf are femboys.

So, as "Emperor" (In my mind I'm an emperor XD) I'll expand my "empire" through my Great (commissions) Crusade. I know this was supposed to be funny, but the underplaying message was serious. Its time to take it to the next level. <3

I have good ideas right now that I haven't even mentioned yet. Don't worry I will bring them to FA and everywhere else. I want to show that this bunny/fox can bite >;3 muhahahahahaha (you know what I meant >w>)


1: https://inkbunny.net/KusacKavka
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