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The seemingly unbroken cycle

Not all of us in the fandom have children.  But for some of us that actually do (I'm not included in this), have you ever told yourself "I will never be as strict as my parents were"; yet ended up acting just like them?  I think all of us when we're a little younger and think about our futures plan on being the cool parents- those hip people whom their kids love and think they're the greatest ever.  You tell yourself stuff like "I will allow my kids to stay up late", "I will introduce them to porn at an earlier age" or "I will get them the best things because they deserve it", and yet despite telling ourselves that; we fall right into the same rut our parents did.  We'll get onto the children for not going to bed early, hide our porn stashes and punish the kids for finding them; and make excuses whenever our kids ask for those high priced cool things.  

This isn't something new.  Our parents told themselves that they would never be as strict as their parents were, and their parents said the same thing before them.  And I'm sure when the children we end up getting get to that certain point in life, they will vow the same thing that their forerunners did before them.  Its a seemingly unbroken cycle that began with the cavemen, and more likely trickle down into the nothingness of the future.  For those that have kids and discovered that you ended up like your parents- welcome to the club.  And for those saying that they will NEVER be like their parents- its only a matter of time.
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8 years ago
being parents are very hard job in their life.
8 years ago
8 years ago
*hugs back* =3
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