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It is time... for the return of Hexes and Heroes!!! (PLEASE READ!)

Okay.  It's been haunting me for months... years...  This story...  I can't get rid of it, even though I've tried SO desperately.  It's horrible.

For those of you who don't know the story, it can be found here:
(no submissions...)

Anyway, Hexes and Heroes was an idea I had a while back about a group of wandering adventurers with major personality issues wandering a world of swords, sorcery, sex, and hypnosis.  It starred the young vixen, Téana Hikari, the "Hexplorer,"  who is seemingly cursed with constant bad luck; her best friend Saria Meian, a cheetah and one of the best mages in the realm and an eternal, annoying optimist; and Seiran Il Saillune, a handsome rabbit swordsman with a dark and mysterious past.

It was an incredible hit on FA from chapter one.  So much so, that I opened it up into a round robin to invite all who wanted to write a chapter to sign up.  It would have been great, an epic story...  Except for the fact that RIGHT as the tale was getting started for real, Furaffinity had its great two-month long crash.  I lost contact with EVERYONE who was doing the story, and they moved on to other things.  Hexes and Heroes died a feeble death before it could achieve greatness.

...I've TRIED so desperately to get it started again, but could never get the motivation until now.  I want this story complete.  I have the plot all laid out, I have the story ready...  All I need to do now, is talk to you, my faithful friends and fans.

I want to start up the Round Robin again.  SO!  Here's where you sign up!  After reading the four chapters I have done, if you are interested in helping me continue the story, contact me by comment, PM, AIM at supersonic250, or email at supersonic250@comcast.net .

Here are the rules for the Round Robin: I determine the order of writing, coordinating with all the authors. If writing interferes with your schedule, I'm fine with that, and I can work around it for you. When it's your turn, I send you a preview of the previous author's work, and the info you'll need to write the next chapter. You go to it, and have fun with it!

Every author will be allowed a large amount of freedom with their chapter, although later chapters will be more restricted as the plot continues towards the end. Every chapter must include: an adventure/fight scene, hypnosis/mind control, a sex scene, and a scene starring the villains. I may give you certain plot events that must occur within your chapter to move along the plot, but other than that, you're free to take it where you want.  I will have to limit certain fetishes, and I cannot permit you to kill or permanently injure any major characters.  But other than that, you pretty much have free reign.

I also need volunteers to write a couple of action-based chapters for the end of the story... For those of you who aren't comfortable with doing a full blown sex story, this is a good chance to participate, considering these will contain very little sex.

To celebrate the resurrection of Hexes and Heroes, I will be posting an updated profiles and supplemental for the series later today!

Anyway, I hope those writers out there will consider joining me in bringing this story to a close after so long!  Thank you and ROCK ON!
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