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I may be going to my very first furcon EVER

Yep yep yep....you heard right,oh yes you did.
There is a furcon being held next month less than 10 miles away in Vegas at the Hard Rock Cafe.
and i will be attending since all we have to pay is registration.
Im excited....gonna be totally bodacious being round so many local furs....im hoping to make many friends there.
Im so happy that i am practically prancing like a pony.

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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
YAY! :D You and Yaegashi have lotsa fun!
5 years, 8 months ago
considering that this is the very first convention of any kind that i will be attending...and the fact i will be sharing this auspicious occasion with yaegashi...yeah i think we are both gonna have a most excellent time
5 years, 8 months ago
...wow, this is much longer than I'd expected...

Your first con of any kind? A few tips then...
- 5/2/1 Rule: every day you should have at least five hour's sleep, two square meals, (one should preferably be breakfast), and one shower. This will keep you healthy.
- Pick up a travel tube of hand sanitizer at a dollar store, (one for each of you would be better in case you're separated), and use it (discreetly) after handling anything suspicious or icky-feeling, (or shaking hands), and before eating. This worked well for Amber "DMFA" Benson.
- You don't know the rules yet, so act shy. Watch what other people do and how the people they do it with react. This will tell you what is possible as well as what is okay. Keep in mind that what's okay for people who know each other might not be okay for people who've just met.
- Fursuits
- - Watch for fursuiters, their vision is badly restricted and they might need you to help them not bump into you.
- - There are three basics of sign language for use with suiters.
- - - Hold up your camera and point at it = "May I take your picture?" (Most suiters love that!)
- - - Hold up your camera and pretend to turn its crank with your other hand = "This will be a video, move around."
- - - Hold your arms apart and smile = "May I have a hug?"
- - If a suiter doesn't respond, there's a good chance s/he didn't see you, move closer to directly in front and wave.
- - Here's a video with more information. -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG-6bYdCpzc
- Plan your days.
- - As soon as you're both registered, sit down with Yaegashi and the schedule and decide what you want to see.
- - Probably there'll be more to see and do than possible, so prioritize.
- - There will also probably be things you'll want or need to do without each other, so look at the convention map and decide when and where to meet each other.
- - You'll also need to decide when to go home, since you'll be doing that together.
- - If ESG publishes their schedule ahead of time on their web site, you can do this in advance. But bear in mind that  there might be last-minute changes to their schedule due to this and that emergency.
- Money; you'll need much more than you expect. Plan on at least $10/meal/day/each. Nothing in the dealer's den is likely to cost less than $20. (At least ESG's website is likely to tell you what dealers will be there.) Now take your budget and double it!
- Sex is not likely to cause problems for you since you and Yaegashi are exclusive, (I assume), but bear in mind that somebody at the last ESG is unlikely to be back for spreading HIV.
- Have fun! (For that, you will be in a target-rich environment.)

...and if you see Zen, (who is such a sweetheart!), please give him a hug for me. Especially if he's wearing Joshua, (who is the cutest, sexiest tiger-boi ever!) And Icey, too, (a very decent chap.)
5 years, 8 months ago
What's the name of the con? =3 Hope you have fun. ^_^
5 years, 8 months ago
Elliott's Spring Gathering...i believe the name is...and thanks...im sure i will
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