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hey guys please aks me qestions about this

Real full name: candice alexdra murchie
Real age: 20
Favourite Singer: oo theres alot but i wuold  go for mclfy
Celebrity Crush: tom for mclfy
Role model: sonic  lol
Favourite song: most of them are dsiney but i love you cant stop the beat and any dream will do
Favourite sport: meh i am not really into that but blowing yes
Worst music genre:wavepictures ( lol my mum an dad will be  like tut tut lol)
Favourite music genre: rock CURSH 40 YEAH!
Favourite game franchise: SONIC SONIC SONIC!!!
Worst game franchise:i dont know achlie
My phone model: iphone
Favourite drink:any fizzy
Favourite food: noodles and mcs
Best RL friend: jeniifer and jeremiah
Best RP friend: most of you that rp with me ! on facebook ist joe  and meag and  jere and samtha
Favourite hobby: swiiming
Biggest fear: gteing lost
Pain at the moment?:nope
Crush IRL?: james story
Crush RP?:shadow
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
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