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Commissions Journal!

Commissions: OPEN/on hold/closed

Make Payments via Paypal (I will give E-Mail through PM!)


- Pay first then I'll work on your commission

- Refunds will be given if something happens to come up and I can't work on your commission

- One slot per person

- You can change your mind up to three times about your commission any more than that and I will automatically stop and refund you your money. (Please understand that it takes all that much more time for me to redraw if I have to, plus it can be a major buzzkill on my motivation sometimes)

- Do not pester me to hurry up the commission or continuously ask how it is, if you nonstop pester me I will quit your commission and refund you your money (I can understand if you are really excited but please do try to be patient. ^^;)

- Friendly reminders of your commission are okay (Because I do sometimes forget)

- If you are having me draw a character of yours, please do supply me with legible pics that either you have made or someone else has made. If any details are missing in the drawings and if they weren't shown in the ref pics you've supplied, I will not take responsibility for it (Not trying to be mean about it but it's only because I am not familiar with everyone's characters you know? So if you're the type who's picky about your character's details be sure you display a ref pic that has every little detail visible and I'll do my best to draw them.)

What I will Draw
- Heterosexual
- HumanXAnthro
- HumanXHuman
- AnthroXAnthro
- Chibis
- Solo
- Groups
- General Audience Works
- Mature Audience Works
- Adult Audience Works
- General Audience Cub work
- CanonXCanon
- CanonXOC
- CanonXFursona/Persona
- Crossovers

What I won't Draw
- Yaoi/Gay (I have nothing against people who are gay or like gay stuff, but I'm not a supporter of it and am disinterested in this type of thing)
- Yuri/Lesbian (I have nothing against people who are lesbians or like lesbian stuff, but I'm not a supporter of it and am disinterested in this type of thing)
- Bisexual (I have nothing against people who are bisexual or like bisexual stuff, but I'm not a supporter of it and am disinterested in this type of thing.)
- Watersports/Urine
- Scat
- Adult Furry in a Diaper
- Vore
- Gore
- Castration
- Fat Furs

Fandoms I draw

- Sonic The Hedgehog
- Pokemon
- Undertale
- Persona
- Mario
- Digimon
- Star Fox
- Final Fantasy
- Disgaea
- Shaman King
- Megaman
- Kirby
- Soul Eater
- Naruto
- Hetalia
- Sword Art Online
- Chrono Crusade
- InuYasha
- Full Metal Alchemist
- Ouran High School Host Club
- Black Butler
- Black Cat
- Spice and Wolf
- Wolf's Rain

Examples of my Art

Line Art Style

Bust Shot - $2
Half Body - $4
Full Body - $6

Color Style

Monochrome/Manga Style - $1
Flat Color - $1
Flat Color with Shading - $2
Flat Color with Highlighting - $2
Color with Shading and Highlighting - $4

Background Style

No Background/Transparent - Free
Plain/Single Color - $1
Two Colors - $2
Wild/Multiple Color - $3


$1 Per added character
$5 Portrait Picture
$20 - 1-3 Page Comics ($1 for each extra page after 3)

Example of how my Pricing works

Bust shot + flat color + plain color background = $4 grand total price


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