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Triple Baka

Hey, all. Long time, no journal. So... I thought I'd update you on my life and stuff, those of you who care if I exist or not. So... Here it is.

First off... Ive been doin a lot of makin up for owed art lately. And, I'm quite close to being done. After that... I can start accepting actual $$$ commissions! My mom decided to let me take her paypal account that she neither uses or likes. She thinks I'll be using it to make online purchases, but... Imagine her surprise when I actually GAIN money! XD

Speaking of my mom... We were talking awhile back, and somehow I mentioned my bisexuality once again... She was like: "Are you STILL on that? You know we're Catholic, right?" And I was like: "I know, I know... If it makes you feel better, I'm a virgin to both genders (irl), and I have a female preference..." I guess that reassured her, cause she responded: "Guess my prayers are working somewhat..." XD

Another thing related to mom and religion: she took me to see a priest the other day. A surprise thing she did was set up an appointment with a priest for me. I dunno why, exactly. All I did was, a few weeks back, express some interest in the priestly life. I don't wanna become one, for several reasons, but she wants me to keep my options open. So... Talked with the guy for a half hour and stuff. *Shrugs*

Well, on to another not religion or mom based topic ^^; Back to the commissions. I need some help deciding some money prices. I've never, well... Done commissions for real money. Now, I don't want to charge too much. As well, I don't want to sell things for pennies. I need to charge enough to make me selling my arts worth my time ^^; Since, well... I would like money for college.

I don't expect to art my way through college. I'd need thousands of dollars for that. Just, maybe have art be like 5% of my college money, the part that'll get me the items I must buy after all other expenses, like notebooks and pencils, notecards, and other random things throughout the school year.

Speaking of which... I have officially decided the school which I will go to college for the next few years. It is a secret, though if you are a close friend, I may tell you if you're truly curious. I don't want to just out right and say it ^^; Though, I will give you a hint... It is somewhere in the state of MA.

Speaking of MA... I just needed to state I hate how we live in a world where insane cowards can care so little and just upright ruin the lives of several innocent peoples... I'm glad they caught that one guy, at least... But, this will never be over... Especially for those affected... Just, keeping them in mind, and keeping them in my prayers...

Well... One more thing. My vacation ends tomorrow, and... I feel like I did nothing all week ^^; I didn't even get to go to NEFFA like I wanted to... Because my mom was afraid of terrorists... Yes. Terrorists. She didn't want her eldest son heading off to a huge event with that guy still out. Of course, he was caught, but my mom didn't find out until my only ride there had already left... So... Yeah...

... Well... That's all for now. So... Yeah... BAKA!!! I'm out.

P.S.: Anyone know a good free flash maker?
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
Good to hear from you again and glad you choose a college you want to intend. ^^
6 years, 2 months ago
^^ Yeah
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