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Time for some Chaos!!

I have been thinking about this idea for a few weeks now after watching some certain 2 best friends play and other interesting gameing vids like, 2 best sisters play, which is of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.  Now I have also seen balddumborat who is best known for acting like derpy and does an awesome job at it I might add, go and do some game play with her friend the doctor in some portal 2.

Now a while back I had made a video as a audition to a video being made that was looking for voice actors.  It was called Project Saturation and they were lookin for someone to play the voice of Discord.  Now being the hyper little brat that I am and the many different voices from cartoons and abridged series episodes I have been able to pin down the voice perfectly on some of them, including Discord.

Well I had also been keeping up with the Discorded doctor tumblr and its been rather interesting to see how ponyville had gone down the drain thanks to Discord.  Murders happening around every corner, crazyness, heartbreak, new love, old friends, and of course the use of The Doctor and good old sexy as hell Jack Harkness.  

I also had been keeping up wit the Discorderly Conduct tumblr, and its funny as hell from time to time as Discord goes and does weird stuff along with Dinky.

So I thought of the idea for a Video to make of Discord going and playing some video games.  I might just called it "Discord Plays..."  And do a full of video game play through and do it in discords voice throughout the game itself.

But the real question is what game would he play first.  Then I figured he's the god of chaos and disharmony, and yet he has been good thanks to fluttershy, why not have something just as good and yet still chaotic.  

So my first game for him to play is Portal.

A sweet idea cause it might just give him ideas here and there later down the road, and I'm gonna make it interesting when he comes across Glados.  Consider it kinda like in the lines of him almost falling in love with her psychoticness.  Then after that I'm going to play Portal 2 in another video of him still in love with Glados and something interesting happens along the way.

But after that I wanna start doin what BaldDumboRat has been doin and thats Playin Portal 2 Co-op.  I need to think of what pony would be the perfect player 2 for him to play with cause at some point I wanna do a live stream of it.  I think many a pony would come and check it out. and also some sweet suggestions for other games his could play and I'll do the voice for him.

Now systems I'll play the game for him should be on any system I have here thanks to magnus.  If its a good game I'll find it and play it for ya'll.

Well anywho for now I'll talk at ya later.  As I said I'll get everything together and such and also on my day off I'll make a livestream vid.

Till then this is you Discord Tiger signing off.  Never have making sence, ruin yer fun.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Huh, interesting. XD I admit I'm a HUGE Discord lover, that voice of John De Lancie just send me flying. XD So if replicating it isn't hard for you, I might be behind this kinda idea. XD Would have to see I suppose. Also, on the Co-op, due to canon ties and such in the show, Fluttershy might make a good co-op partner since she got along with him and all. Maybe being an interesting light hearted opinion to his darker ones. XD Otherwise there are still other ponies and such to maybe work in, Spike maybe even. XD
6 years ago
I also thought of possibly Pinkie Pie in the lines of two loves trying things out but Fluttershy is good to figure out things with him cause she still doesn't know about trust with him.
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