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Biggest Little Furcon journal! Wanna meet me? <3

Saw this meme in a few journals, so I decided to do it as well. I know you guys all ignore my journals anyway, but yeah~ Biggest Little Furcon is happening first weekend of May down here in my hometown area, and I'm pumped. If any of you are going, come and find me!
and I will be there, and there should be copies of Burning Curiosity. I'd love to sign some autographs. ;)

Here's the meme itself, nabbed from Base_Progression specifically:

As of the moment, I won't be at the hotel! I live here in Sparks and I don't want to room with random furs I don't know, so~ I'll just be bussing back and forth from my house.

I'll show up at the GSR early and leave late, each day of the con.

Means of transportation
RTC :o

Sharing a room with
See above ;D

Who do you hang out with?
Don't know for sure. I'll probably run into some friends here and there. Definitely will be happy to see Aardy again. <3 I'm also going to be staffing for the con at the gaming area, so I'll be easy to find there.


Relationship Status

How old are you?

How tall are you?
5'11" or so

Are you an Artist?
Only of the written variety.

Are you a Fursuiter?

Attending parties?
Possibly. I'm not sure who are running the parties and it wouldn't be much fun if I didn't have friends there.

Do you drink?
Nope! That's another reason parties are awkward, ha~

Can I buy you a drink?
Of course not~

Can I bring you food?
Perhaps if you're my friend. :o

Do you smoke?
Not a bit~

Are you attending any panels?
If time allows, I may check out some. I'm also going to be holding a Pokefurs panel myself.

Stage or public performance?

How do I identify my self to you?
Come find me and say hi and introduce yourself? Doesn't need to be anything special.

Rules of engagement (physical contact)?
Hugs are for friends. :B  Otherwise handshakes are fine, I spose.

How can I find you?
As I said before, I'll be staffing in the gaming area, though I don't have the specific schedule for that yet. I've also put in to run some events, including a Munchkin tournament, a Werewolf game event, and a Pokefurs panel. Other than that, I'll probably be sticking to the general con area, so just look around for my badge, or message me on FA/Twitter to set up a meeting. :)

Can I talk to you?
Hell yeah, I'm friendly~

Can I give you lots of money?
I wouldn't mind, buuuut I hope it's for a good reason.

Can I give you stuff?
Depends on what the stuff is! :O

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Friends only.

Can I come to dinner with you?

Can I hang out with you?
Go right ahead. :3 I tend to be alone most of the time so I wouldn't mind company.

Can I take your picture?
I'd prefer not, but I may make exceptions.

How do I know if you're not looking to socialize (angry, busy or upset)?
That likely won't happen, so don't be afraid of me.

Personality Type?
I'm pretty laid back and have a silly streak. I'm always in a good mood at cons, and I love talking about nerdy stuff~

What's your goal for the con this year?
To do my own little part to make it a big roaring success. I'm all in to supporting my local furcon and I'm really excited for how much progress we've made. I'm expecting big things out of those 3 days, and I want us to hold it again year after year! I hope any of you will be there for us.

... and that's it! This is gonna be awesome. <3
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6 years, 1 month ago
awesome :D me, myself have never even been to any convent yet ;-;
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