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Good evening, Inkbunny

I don't know what the preferred method is for stating my business, but this works for now because it is pertinent to a thing that I have already done.

I do like the multiple file function.  I rarely upload sketches to these sites because I generally finish them and don't think anybody wants to see the same dumb picture six times the same month, but there may be curiosity about the finished product's past once it is such.

My grievance: The upload page states "If you add or replace files in this submission, your watchers will be notified of the update."  I would like the option of not necessarily notifying them (as deviantart permits); I often notice minor errors after posting a thing which I insist on fixing, but that anyone else would not, I suspect, care I had changed.  If I make a significant change I can notify people once.  THIS change will, after all, likely itself be followed be a series of minor changes not worth bothering anyone with.  To some extent being able to keep the picture hidden at first prevents trouble, but... well that doughnut picture is over a year old and I've already replaced it about four times since finalizing it!

Yes, so, typically come back to a picture for error-fix-fests a multitude of times across the entire length of time I have it on display, and these edits are only likely to increase when a thing has separate parts.  This would quickly annoy most watchers, I believe.  I have yet to receive one of these notices myself, so I don't know how intrusive they are.  Ideally, I think, they would appear separate from actual new content and not more than once for updates made to the same submission.  If an update for a thing is already on the list, the old one would be removed, or merged with the new one and brought to the top of the list.
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Added: 8 years, 9 months ago
8 years, 9 months ago
This works! Though you can also use the "Customer Support" link at the bottom to create a ticket.

I agree that a checkbox that could be unticked to avoid notifying others would be nice. I only got one message so far, and I suspect it's linked to a last-seen time (which could make it a little harder to make that change, but reduce the need for it as you'd only get one notification). I don't know for sure!
8 years, 9 months ago
I replied below with some useful info on updates. :P
8 years, 9 months ago
I'm glad the multifiles option is useful! We could add a checkbox so you don't have to notify watchers every time.

It's not very obtrusive. They get a maximum of 1 notification at a time so if they already have a thumbnail of your submission in their "New Submissions" page, they won't get another one when you update things.
8 years, 9 months ago
Well alright, if you say so!  I won't worry, yet.  I need to learn to accept things as "finished," anyhow.
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