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I've been a tad quiet lately, eh wot?

Hey everyone! I wanted to apologize to my followers here and on other websites. I've been quieter than usual, especially on the online chatting front, because things have been pretty intense here.

I'm trying to cram my coursework for about six weeks into one or two, because that gives me other opportunities. However, because of, well, everything else outside of my course, I'm actually quite stressed out. Meaning, it's hard to work up the motivation to focus on homework. It's really easy stuff, though that's not to say I'm not learning a lot, but it's just hard to make myself DO it.

Procrastination 101, you see. Today, I woke up early, sat down at my laptop, ready to work... then absolutely ditched that to finish off Arkham City on the PS3. I'd just been working and busy and so effing tired lately that the compulsion to just have a half-day to myself was too strong. Screw responsibility, I wanted to flip around, punching heads and cawing "I am the niiiiiight!"

But, well, it's not just my course. I've gone from being someone with actually a decent amount of time to myself to being one of the busiest people I know, with easily the most distractions. I thank those of you who have been understanding; sometimes, for instance, I'm left with no choice but to log off of IMs suddenly, or fail to log in for days on end. Thanks for not being offended or grumpy with me!

Ironically, one of the things keeping me so "busy" is probably also the only reason I'm still sane. I've been hitting the gym regularly, which is quite literally a first: I've never had a gym membership before. But more importantly, after something happened roughly this time last year, I ended up a tad depressed and stopped giving a damn about my health. I managed to undo 5 months of hard work pretty easily, and now that I can do so, I want to get that all back and hopefully make the requisite lifestyle changes to make the changes permanent. Yadda, yadda.

I'm not kidding - as much as it DOES drain a little of my limited time, it's probably the only reason I'm not chewing my pillow in half, or drowning in alcohol every night. Though it might be related somehow to the fact I'm only averaging about 4 hours sleep a night...

I've got a few thoughts on that and related topics, but I'll save them for another journal, which will hopefully be soon. I want to get this out there so as to allay fears that I've forgotten about my writing or my fans.

I seriously haven't forgotten about any of you, or any of the things I've said I would do. As most of you know, I feel like absolute crap whenever I hit these periods of inactivity, whenever I'm not posting stories/chapters for months on end. I really hate it. On the upshot, I like to think that when I can finally focus on them again, I've got more experience and more raw emotion to put into it all.

At least, well, it helps to think of it like that.
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