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Commission Info

Hello lovely furs. If you would like to help me out and commission me here is the information for it. PM me with the details of your commission request, money upfront, full refunds if you have a time specification and I cannot finish within it. (or if I'm taking too long to finish for your taste. This shouldn't happen as I work pretty fast, but life happens.)

I will draw most things (including humans), but I do have a few nonspecific things that freak me out and I will have to sadly decline if your desired commission hits one of them.

For original characters I would prefer an image to work off of, but will take written descriptions, and even work with you if you want help.

Commission prices are subject to change. I will send you the high quality file in whatever formats you desire, and resolutions. Any unlisted things you want included are negotiable. Prices may be raised for something excessively complicated.

Additional characters may be in the same scene or in a separate file. All prices are USD. All artwork currently listed is digital.

You may post your commissioned artwork wherever you see fit, but please credit me so others will know where you got it!

Commission E-mail is FullMetalSugarRush@Ferretlovers.com

-Portrait-  Sketch: $5  Ink: $8  Flat Color: $10  Shaded: $13
+$2 per additional characters

-Bust-  Sketch: $7 Ink: $10 Flat Color: $12 Shaded: $15
+$3 for additional characters

-Hips Up-  Sketch: $9 Ink: $12 Flat Color: $14 Shaded: $17
+$4 for additional characters

-Full Body-  Sketch: $11 Ink: $14 Flat Color: $16 Shaded: $19
+$5 for additional characters

-Chibi- Sketch: $6 Ink: $9 Flat Color: $11 Shaded: $14
+$3 for additional characters

Grayscale Shading  Sketch: +$4 Ink: +$3
Crosshatching  Sketch: +$6 Ink: +$5
Spot Color  Sketch: +$2  Ink: +$3
Colored Lines  Ink: +$2 Flat Color: +$2 Shaded+$2
Shadow Blurred or Unblurred Free with Flats, grayscale, or shaded images.
Sketched BG  Sketch: +$4
Lined BG  Ink: +$6 Flat Color: +$8 Shaded: +$10    
Abstract BG  Flat Color: +$8 Shaded: +$8
Lineless BG  Shaded: +$12                             

-Animations- available in .swf or .gif formats
Blink  Sketch: +$5 Ink: +$8 Flat Color: +$10 Shaded+$13               
Glow  Flat Color or Monochrome: +$2 Shaded: +$3
Expressions Sketch: +$7 Ink: +$10 Flat Color: +$12 Shaded: +$15
Ear Twitch  Sketch:+$6 Ink: +$9 Flat Color: +$1 Shaded: +$15  
Tail Twitch  Sketch: +$6 Ink: +$9 Flat Color: +$11 Shaded: +$15

-Reference Sheets-
Basic Front, back and profile flat colored views of your character with color palette and height comparison chart to average male, female, and if applicable animal's height.  $30
Add Shading To Character +$5
Add Happy, Sad, Neutral expression icon pack +$15, +$3 for additional expressions
Add flavor sketches of your OC doing things +$3 per sketch
Add examples of your OCs outfits Sketch: +$5 Ink: +$8 Flat Color: $10 Shaded: +$13, per outfit

Other things may be added later, especially traditional stuff if I ever get a decent scanner again.

Thank you for reading this far, and I am extremely grateful if you choose to patronize me.
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