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update on my shoulder

its been two weeks since i was in A&E the muscle pain is kinda fading apart from in my bicep where it hurts like hell still, but now its a deep " inner bone " pain across my shoulder and back, thats the only way i can describe it, plus my left shoulder has just as much pain as getting out of bed and dressed is so hard, ( and im out of pills too :/)

what worries me the most, is that i still cant raise my arm to the outside, no matter how hard i try it just wont go, you can lift it for me, no pain, just hope its not nerve damage.. apparently theres a channel for a nerve in the shoulder but i dont know where (thanks google )

sleep is kinda out the window, if i lie on my left, my arm drops and that hurts, and if i lie on my back for too long, my shoulder hurts, so its little and often, sleeping through the day is weird,

still waiting on a letter from heartlands hospital for a appointment for a CT scan, if its not come by tomorrow ill give em a call methinks, its been a week, i wanna see how bad it is myself, the Dr who saw me was foreign and to be honest i was in there like 3 mins, so some insight into whats happening in my body would be nice,

i hope everyone at work is OK, I'm pulling my hair out as i am bored as feck, and sitting at home all day is just something i could not do permanently, id stab someone...

gonna see my grandad in the next few days, he could have a few days left or a few months, it was hard seeing my dad cry today, i cant remember the last time i saw him cry..

keep well folks,
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
Something my father did when he was out on medical leave was to show up at lunch time to chat or whatever.  Then again only more recently did he have more tech savvy coworkers (many didn't have cell phones until very recently), so calling them at work or whatever wasn't very easy.

I hope you're healing up okay.  I know personally, if my right (and preferred) arm/hand became incapacitated in some way, I would get either an ambidextrous mouse or a left-handed one - then at least I wouldn't be completely bored out of my mind and unable to use my equipment.
5 years, 11 months ago
i can still use my mouse and stuff, but its just im not really used to this amount of inactivity, plus i do wish it was my left, so i could be doing a little bit of work with a costume or something.
5 years, 11 months ago
I hear that.  Here at least, if my right arm becomes incapacitated, my ability to drive either of my trucks suffers with it - a curse of both being stick shifts.

As for what Helix mentioned, your recovery is going to be quite long, but already you've shown that you're quite determined to get better.  
You can start now by doing what you can to retain whatever strength you have left in your injured arm.  I know that after my dad had his first car wreck where he broke his left (non-preferred) arm near the wrist, it had healed quickly in about five weeks after surgery, but it took nearly six months for him to be able to match or exceed the strength in his right hand.
5 years, 11 months ago
Its a long road to recovery with that sort of injury. In time the pain will pass, probably a few months left of pain for you.
After that if you don't do repetitive motion with that shoulder or lift over 50lb with that arm it shouldnt hurt much.
I've been living with a similar injury for about five years now and thats the experience I've had. Good luck on your recovery.
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