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Okay, so.

One of the local kids, a bit of a delinquent shithead (who's going through a tough time, I admit), just let out one of my car tires, but I had to step in to protect him from being hit with a hockey stick by an adult and break apart a confrontation.

Then I find out that another local kid has attempted suicide multiple times. By hanging. Because of bullying and harassment from the first shithead and others.

The police do nothing. Relevant government agencies are doing nothing. They barely even seem interested. I'm going slowly crazy here.

My car doesn't seem to have any lasting damage, just a flat tire. So it seems. I'm unsure if it will happen again, nor am I sure government involvement is a good option.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Shit. That's seriously messed up.
6 years ago
Hey, Kichi, has anyone ever suggested you look into Law Enforcement as a career?

It seems like there's a lot cracked in your area, and you're clearly both paying attention and pissed off enough about it to warrant thinking about it, I should think. Cops need passion and compassion, and you seem like the type who has both in spades, especially about these kinds of issues.
6 years ago
Should've just let his head get the cracking it needs. >_>
6 years ago
He may have issues of his own to deal with, that is no excuse ofr the violence from him.  He sounds like he needs tough love of some type, his actions unfortunately seem to be leading him into something he doesn't care about.
6 years ago
Good for you! Even if the kid is a shithead that doesn't mean you should stop being the upright citizen you are. If anything it's just further proof of how swell of an individual you are :3

Actually that doesn't sound much different than the state of affairs where I'm at. People getting into random fights at the bus station, crazy homeless people annoying the working class who are barely holding onto their jobs as-is, new businesses being vandalized by college kids, hell the corner store half a block away from me has been robbed (or at least people attempted to) at least 6 times since I've moved here 2 years ago, one of which ended up in a stabbing and another I was right there when it happened and the owner himself beat the crap out of whoever attempted to rob them.

Despite how the world is a bit nutty, don't let it get you down. There are too few good people in this world and this world keeps swallowing them whole and spitting out shells. Don't let that happen to you. Keep fighting the good fight :D

"The world! The world is crazy, an open looney bin!
The world! The world is crazy, psychos pass for men!
The world! The world is crazy, an open looney bin!
The world picks its species, and we're all part of it!"

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