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Oh, y!Gallery, How You Do Aggravate Me...

This may be the first time I've had a picture removed because it wasn't "presentable." Specifically, the sketch of The Private Interview on y!Gallery, which depicts Geronimo Stilton as the sex slave of a mouseified Darren Sessler. A very rough sketch, and it got taken down because of "Dirt, stains, or smudges on the paper" and "Shadows around one or more edges." If it were a final product, then I could maybe see how these issues could render it in need of cleaning up or risk getting removed... but this was a WIP.

The picture IRL actually looks fine. The paper is pristine white. The issues that offended the admins' sensibilities and made it unpresentable according to them are issues that come with the fact the lines are done in pencil and consequently very light when scanned on the bright paper; I need to use "Auto Levels" to futz with the levels of brightness and contrast so the pencil lines show up.

This has the unfortunate effect of highlighting imperfections and "grit" that higher contrast would erase; but higher contrast on a sketch would also erase the very light pencil lines. So, to show my rough sketch, I have to sometimes sacrifice presentability for visibility and cleanliness. After being inked, then I can scan it and adjust the contrast levels to a degree where it becomes just the bold lineart on a stark white background.

I have to love how it was just auto-deleted and then I was informed, instead of the admin contacting me and bringing the issues up with me first.

Furthermore, almost all of the "issues" listed in Terms of Service Rule #9a are, well, how do I put this? They're issues pertaining to the presentation of the artwork rather than the artwork in and of itself. Meaning, the art could be the best picture ever, but if it didn't look a certain way, then it'd get deleted. Hell... the rule even goes as far as to ban even emulating the effect of old paper. What if someone wanted to do that for artistic purposes? Like making it look like an ancient scroll or something?

In hindsight, I guess I forgot to put it in the "WIP" category. Apparently having "Sketch" in its title wasn't enough. Instead of categorizing it properly or asking me whether or not it was a WIP, it just got straight-up deleted for not looking pretty.

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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
This is why I like DeviantArt the best, since they never give me any hassles!
5 years, 10 months ago
Even still, I hate when things get deleted AND THEN you get the warning, reason, or reply. That is very aggravating to an artist.
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