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My thoughts on Bunnymund

I recently got the chance to see Rise of the Guardians, and even though the overall effect of the movie was kind of lackluster, I was personally impressed by one character in the film. Those of you who are also in the furry fandom like I am probably don’t need to try too hard to know which character that was. I saw another journal discussing this character, and wanted not only to express my agreement with what they said, but to add my own two cents, as well.

E. Aster Bunnymund, as played by Hugh Jackman, is an awesome character. At first, his character design struck me as a little too angular—I got a quick and disturbing flash in my mind of the awfully-designed and -executed Warner Bros. series Loonatics Unleashed, a show whose mere mention will make me curl up in a fetal position and whimper from its utter crappiness.

But unlike Loonatics, Guardians’ Bunnymund is a true character, wonderfully conceptualized and carried out. Jackman’s full-out Aussie accent fleshes the big rabbit out nicely—especially in a film where the majority of the other major characters have pretty lackluster voices. This boomerang-wielding Easter Bunny will take your ass beyond Thunderdome without a second thought. Even when he is magically reduced to a cute and tiny bunny, Bunnymund is a force to be reckoned with.

Despite all the testosterone, though, Bunnymund embraces his role as the representative of Easter. Hopping about and delivering decorated eggs and candy to the children of the world may not be the most macho job description, but Bunnymund takes justified pride in what he does. Go ahead; go up to him and tell him how “girly” his job is. I’ll have an ambulance on standby for ya.

The movie augments Bunnymund’s role as the Easter Bunny by not having the other characters ridicule him. It would have been an easy path to take, but it would have been at the character’s expense. True, he is mistaken for a kangaroo—after all, he’s a big Easter Bunny who sounds a bit like Crocodile Dundee—but no one really makes fun of what he does. It added a dignity and strength to his character that really impressed me. Full disclosure here: I really like Jackman and his tongue-in-cheek approach to his roles and life—and that accent makes me melt into a little fanboy puddle.

I rarely recommend a film on the strength of one character alone, but Bunnymund really made Rise of the Guardians for me. I eagerly waited through scenes that didn’t feature him, anticipating when he would show up again. Bunnymund—and Jackman—carries this film on his furry shoulders, and I would suggest a viewing on the strength of his character alone.
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
I want to see the movie before but now I really want to see it XD
5 years, 10 months ago
For all its flaws, the movie is carried by Bunnymund. He alone is worth a look.
5 years, 10 months ago
I can't say for the English Version but in the German one all characters have really great voice actors especially russian accented Santa Clause and Pitch. And here comes the catch in the german Version Bunnymund has none Aussie Accent so as I now know that he has additionally to the boomerang an Aussie Accent I'll grab the Blue-Ray as soon as possible to hear it.
5 years, 10 months ago
In the English version, Alec Baldwin's Russian accent for North (Santa Claus) was a little too forced for me--which is kind of saddening, because I really like Alec Baldwin. The same comment goes for Pitch, who in the English version was voiced by Jude Law, another actor I really admire.

But if for no other reason, catch the English version for Jackman's Bunnymund. He genuinely had fun with the role, and it shows.
5 years, 10 months ago
If you'd like to hear the German Version here is a nice trailer in which all voice actors can be heard.

5 years, 10 months ago
It was a good movie =3 but i don't know about lackluster voices..
Santa is TF2 Heavy-ish and i love it. Russian Santa Rocks XD
5 years, 10 months ago
and come on sandman was AWESOME!
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