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Rant Part 2

!!Directed towards people who ask for money and nothing in return to the person donating!!

Maybe its cause im having an off day because my aunt died or maybe my last journal wasnt too clear. So Id like to apologies for expressing my emotions I wouldnt want to ruin what little connections I have here. I lived with a wealthy family I couldnt stand so I choose the middle class life where we had our ups and downs... I recently had a death and had someone disrespect my privacy thru notes by asking for money at the wrong time. I ranted neof that and the two help me jornals  I saw. Everyone has their problems but I refuse to lrt people stomp over who I decide to donate to despite the fact that I started tjis. Though I will say this... For a long time youve known me to be a generous person and Ill donate to you if you ask. I mainly donate though to commissioners, friends, family, charity and associate helpers only. People on or with disability are in my prayer but donation is a raity due to lack of funds on ocvassion.Sorry about the extra shit Im just in a very shitty mode as of late because of my loss... Comment as you see fit
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
So basically anyone in serious need you only donate to right?. Not people who waste money on art, video games and whatever then demand more cos they should have paid their bills first. If so Now see THIS is where I will agree 100% without complaint.
6 years, 1 month ago
I never donate to people who spend their money on video games unless their a good artist lol but yes, the majority of THIS journal is my actual point
6 years, 1 month ago
You could've said this at the start, I'm not a dumbass because you didn't explain what happen before, so nobody would have known. Since you lived in a wealthy place at the past you have little experience on how people make ends meet. Getting anything in return is not what anyone SHOULD expect, a donation and an I.O.U. (Or a tab) are two different things. And whatever douche bag that did that note is NOT the same as other artists putting a journal that you can ignore.

Really sorry about the loss, just try to not target everyone for one ass, okay?
6 years, 1 month ago
Yeah, I have a habbit of not making things 100% clear then you get someone who doesn't exactly see it in your eyes and they get mad at you for something so little that turns out to be something so big. I've had a tint of experience as you can see in the next journal I created...and about that douche I hope he crawls in a ditch some where and well *R.I.P.* Sorry about calling you a dumbass  before, it was insensitive and stupid believe it or not I've been in the same belt that's why I have issues
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