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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mod help?

Okay, a while ago, I did a Google search for a fix to the faked widescreen issue in GTA: Vice City because the whole "widescreen cropping" thing was starting to annoy me and forcing me to use the unreliable auto-targeting of the classic controls. Another mod I also tried to install was one to change the old HUD to one more like the modern GTA games just for the fun of it, and also a mod that restores the loading screen slideshow that appears when you start up the game.

Unfortunately, none of these mods work with exception of the loading screen one, but the pics appear very fast since they where tied to loading progress rather than time, but I sorta expected that anyway. The thing is, I followed the installation notes, of which where not as clear as I'd have liked, I installed CLEO 4 for Vice City, placed the CLEO plugins in their proper place, replaced the old "hud.txd" file with the new one, but the only noticeable change I see in game is the that targeting reticule had changed from the original "circle dot" to a hollow cross-hair. Besides that, the HUD looks exactly the same, still stretched out, the screen is still cropped instead of true widescreen, and the cross-hair is offset from where I'm actually aiming just as before!

Now, I've been wondering if it's because the Steam version of the game that I have is un-modable, but I've heard some users of this version have been able to use CLEO mods among others, so is there something I'm missing? Has anyone here had any success applying CLEO mods to the Steam version of GTA: VC? I really want to at least apply the widescreen fix so I can play the game in 1920×1080!
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
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