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Axel 2001 - 2013

I'd been doing YCH auctions to raise money to cover our dog's vet bills after he came down with cancer towards the end of last year.

His new medication was wonderful, and he was the perkiest and bounciest he'd been in years. It was like having a puppy again. Then, a few weeks ago, he hit a wall. Refused dinner one night, threw up his water, and passed in his sleep less than 24 hours later on March 7th.

Those who follow me on Twitter probably saw the joint breakdown Unrepentant and I went through in the aftermath. I was both expected and sudden, and it's been super hard not having his constant attention-starved presence around after over a decade of his constant companionship.

I haven't wanted to make a journal about it because I haven't known just what to say, but people've started asking after him.

I appreciate all the support people have given. I'm getting back on top of the commission list. We still have a pile of vet bills to make up for, after all.

God speed, puppy. We miss you. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/1030846/
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
I'm sure that he's found something quite stinky to roll around in while playing fetch with the Valkyries on the other side of the bridge while he waits you you guys.
Maybe on the next round he'll get the opposable thumbs and you guys can take a break, eh?
6 years ago
I like that idea.. parents and pets reincarnating as alternating roles :)
6 years ago
Remember the good parts, not him sick.  Twelve is a respectable age for a dog, and at least he's not suffering.

Believe me, I know this part is never easy.  But if you focus on the good parts, at least it won't be all sad when you're missing him.  You guys take care, and I wish you all the best in dealing with your loss.
6 years ago
First of March this year, I put down my middle boy. A Chow mix, he showed no signs of any distress in reaction to the tumor in his gut the size of a basketball. Apparently cancer really likes Chows.
I can relate.
6 years ago
Last year my best friend died while he was lying next to me. He had a form of cancer that the name has escaped my mind and I am glad that he didn't have to go through another surgery because I know that I will see him again in the future. I buried him in my backyard with an actual gravestone (which was not cheap but i would spend any ammount of money cor my best friend) marking his place. His name was Angelo, he was a full breed malamute, my dad always said that he was vicious but that was because my dad was never around and he didn't get a chance to know him. When he was a puppy his bed was in my room and in the middle of the night he would wake up and then jump up into my bed and then fall asleep right next to me, at first it was abnormal but then I got to where I couldn't sleep without him next to me.

It's like what Yamatolouko, if you remember the best parts of his life you will know that he is in a much better place and he is waiting to see his master again.
6 years ago
I'm so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is one of the hardest and most heartbreaking things we do in this life, but the love and affection from them makes it so worth it. Love to you and Unrepentant.
6 years ago
I'm sorry for your loss.  :(
6 years ago
You have my condolences. You are not alone.
6 years ago
Sorry to hear. I know that pain all too well. Remember the good times and I have a feeling he will be keeping an eye on you. Someone has to make you two behave. ;)
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