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Movie review - The Croods

A dreamworks pic which seems to have taken the good old Disney idea of "a princess who's bored with her life and wants some thing more" and improved it. The first time I tried to compare this movie to other movies I came up with taking a disney princess movie and basing it in the stone age if the stone age on Earth had been on the planet from Avatar instead. But I don't think that's a fair comparison now that I reflect on it. Imagine if humans had evolved along side of the Wuzzles and that'd be a better comparison as most of the animals in the movie were simply 2 species combined to make a new one. If your a 'bible thumper' you might not like this film as its very pro-evolution. The Croods are a family of cavemen (Neanderthal) who encounter a human (Homo sapiens) for the first time who tells them the world is coming to an end (being that they live on Pangaea which is beginning to pull apart due to continental drift) and leads them away from the safety of their cave (which gets smashed in a rock slide) towards the mountains in search of the sun which he says they can ride away on to 'tomorrow'. The plot sounds sort of basic but did you ever see any of the ice age movie? Imagine a whole movie about Scrat and that'd be sort of the feel of this one. Its a lot of comedy and actually well passed. I saw it in 2D but this might be the first movie I've seen in ages that would be worth spending the money for a 3D ticket as the environments are specious and well animated. All in all it was an enjoyable film which I spent more time watching then I spent imagining what rule 34 stuff I could get of the characters. I've been wanting to get a porn pic of the tiger from this movie until I saw it and found out it's a HE and has a comically over sized head. This was also one of the first animated movies I've watched in a while that I haven't felt I'd like to fast forward through parts that were boring because as I said, it was well passed and the 'slow' points with 'character development' felt natural instead of boring and forced.

So its worth seeing in my opinion, if that counts for any thing. And if you sit through ALL of the credits, there's a VERY short scene at the end with elephant mice.
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