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Warning: Disgruntled Filly Within.

New pony OC:

Name: Puddin Cup (yes, it's spelled without the g)
Race: Earth Pony
Age: same as Scootaloo
Sex: Colt
Gender: Filly
Eyes: Tapioca (Hex: F3E29D)
Coat: Vanilla (Hex: FFEFCE)
Mane/tail: two tone Strawberry Pink (Hex: FF2259) & Fudge (Hex: 6A3E2A)
Body type: somewhat overweight for her age, noticeably pudgier then most foals but not enough to be a health concern or limiting in her ability to keep up with others. Actually she is quite active but can't seem to loose the pudginess.
Personality: very disgruntled and easily agitated although adorable even when angry. If you can get past the hard outer protective cover you will find she's very much her namesake: very sweet, soft, and deliciously squishy. She loves games... specifically of the electronic and table top role playing kind... yah, she's a cute geeky pony. She is addicted to junk food, mostly chips and any other hoof edible snack food, but not lazy in the least which is why she is only moderately pudgy. She also very much dislikes her name, it's one of the main reasons she's generally disgruntled with life, and insists ponies call her simply PC instead.

Parents: Coffee Bean and Tea Cup.
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
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