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Advanced Pony Plush Pattern Anyone?

Ok, I'm wanting to start a plush project and possible do it with Kickstarter but I've run into a snag...

I have no pattern. I've been scowering the net for days looking for a good pony pattern as the plushies I have in mind are all pony shaped, but all I find are the beginner ones or the simple ones... i don't handle simple well oO it's an odd quirk of mine.

Anyways, I'm trying to find an advanced one, where the legs are separate from the Barrel of the pony, I can interchange the head and stuff plus I already have to design my own wings  which shouldn't be to hard, but i'm not good with legs or I'd just make the pattern myself.

If anyone has a pattern or knows someone who does I'd appreciate it. Unfortunately I have no money to buy patterns, plus I don't trust most sights if I can't see the pattern myself.... which would defeat the purpose of paying for it.

The exact kind of pattern I'm looking for is a standered G4 pony (that's the "Friendship is Magic" for those who don't know the gen timeline).

What will I be using it for: Mainly to make pony plushies both to keep and sell, I'll make at least two of every plush except any OC commissions I may end up doing in the future.

The other thing is making a plush version of the various Fea'Ri races starting with my own fursona.

What size will they be: Well, I figure I'd make most about the size of a beach ball so their nice and snuggly sized but aren't as expesive as hard as full size to ship. I will make the initial male and female of each Fea'Ri full size though and the rest beachball size (for the sake of shipping, if you thaught shipping a life size pony was hard, imagine one with a extremely long thick stuffed tail)

What's unique about mine: I'm going to find a way to get the full sized ones to hug back... probably with magnets since they'll be to big to machine wash anyways... not to mention I wouldn't suggest it as I plan on using Minky, bit costly but worth the extra bits. Also eyes will be embroidered directly onto the minky, I like how this looks.

There will also be special "Felt Heart" versions which use a "gem" for eyes and has a felt heart sewn onto it. These will only be available by comission. The idea is to get one of your ponysona and give it to someone you care deeply for as a gift. I got the idea form this story: Felt Heart by Techernobog
Of course the original idea is one made it themselves, but not many have the time or knowledge to make one, even a simple one. So I'll be offering up my services once I'm satisfied with my skill level. I'm already fairly good at sewing but I want to be great at it. Also these will be the only ones I'll do basketball sized if desired for something a bit smaller then the usual beachball.

Anyways, that's pretty much everything to this point. Been feeling rather out of sorts so haven't gotten back to drawing just yet.
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