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Commission Queue and Furry Parenting

My husband posted a journal asking a question we often wonder between ourselves. We'd love to hear what other furs have to say on the matter of furry parenting. Just a fun discussion to see some view points on the matter.

Also, I have several people in my to-do list to get back to about commission slots, so please be patient ^_^;; I'll be sorting through them tomorrow, now that I have a few drawings tucked away. Sorry to leave so many people in suspense, but after the convention I had quite a lot of sudden inquiries! It's been wonderful, but also a bit overwhelming, ha ha.

Thanks for all the interest in my art, as always. It still means the world to me that people want to pay me for my skills /warmfuzzies :3
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
For the love of god, no D:
6 years, 1 month ago
The simple idea of having to stand the hissy fits of an 13 years old furry is shiver inducing... >_<
6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
Will not have kids, ever X3 but if I did, raising them in the fandom would be great for them, I think. Though of course, if they repeat some of the things I've heard at furry cons at school, I could be registered as a sex offender (not a joke). So that's one of the many reasons I won't have kids period. One wrong word, and my life is fucked.
6 years, 1 month ago
Intending to raise kid/s within a few fandoms. Do intend to try controlling what sort of exposure they get though.Just like any other parent should in this digital age of ours, set controls, rules and limits in place to help kids have happy and healthy surfing experiences. Don't be afraid of explaining rather than simply blowing up. Be angry if you are, but try to be level headed. Had to have talks with my much younger brothers, eleven and fifteen years younger than me, more than once after my parents had blow-ups over things, and that's as short a time ago as last year.

Can't hide a fandom from a kid if you are part of or interact with it, so why try blocking it all together? Just guide the stream before they find the rapids of teh drama and be ready to step in and grab the rudder if something bad happens.

That's my take on such things, anyway.
6 years, 1 month ago
I'd love to have kids, but I think I'd keep them away from furries.  I don't really consider myself a furry, anyway, but I'd rather they find their own niche in life rather than me trying to raise them a certain way.  If they find their way to the community on their own, then so be it.
6 years, 1 month ago
Don't hide the fandom from the little ones, but don't force them into it, either. A good word of advice I should give, having been in several fandoms and fan communities over my 47 years is that, one, furry does NOT have it worse (all of them have their seedier sides), but there is as much good as there is bad, in every single one of them. And never EVER get mad if they don't choose to go what you're into! (And conversely, reinforce the notion that they don't have to be part of this or any group you're in just to please you!)

It's OK to be proud of who you are, but be proud of whatever your children are, too!

6 years, 1 month ago
I think furry for your kid would pretty much be like finding your dad's old disco records.
6 years, 1 month ago
I have always considered being a foster parent or adopting when I'm a little more settled and I have no plans to leave the fandom at any time in the future. So eventually I imagine I'll have to explain it to my kid why I am going to San Jose in January or why my friend has a purple fox tail belted to his jeans or something along those lines. The answer is simple, it's a hobby. The concept of dressing up in a fursuit is no weirder then Klingons or weeaboos dressing up in their fandom's costumes. If/when the kid is older and they want to come along then they can but I wouldn't bring my kid to a con until s/he is at least 14 or 15 at the very least. Then again I wouldn't want to take a kid to any type of convention till their at least that age anyway. My point is yeah furry may be a little weirder then your average fandom but I don't plan on making it a big deal or hiding the fandom from my kid like it's some secret society because it isn't, it's just a group of, mostly, awesome folk that like animals for assorted reasons that I have made a ton of friends wthin this group.
6 years, 1 month ago
Here is the simple fact.

It will always depend on the child!!!

You may find a simple introduction will lead to wanting to grow up and be a bunny... Although I think many would still wanna be a nurse, fireman, or astronaut.  

The question on any parenting item is what is good for the child.
6 years, 1 month ago
Thanks for sharing you art with us. =3
6 years ago
Honestly, I would discourage it strongly, only on the grounds that furries are crazy assholes who, if your name becomes common to them, will do everything in their power to cause financial, social, and even physical harm to other furries for absolutely no reason other than being petty.

The furry community is a wonderful thing, but there are a handful of people so disgusting that bringing your child into the community is like taking them to your favorite dive bar. You may love it, but it's no place to bring your child into. At least one other person who has already responded can attest to what I've said being completely accurate.
5 years, 11 months ago
The thing that a lot of people have to remember is that your children will hang out with whomever you choose to associate with at conventions, as well as in your private life. If you are worried that they are going to be exposed to a bunch of seedy people, then perhaps you need to reevaluate who you are hanging out with. You child is not going to run around at a con like you do, because they can't. Thus they rely on you to provide them with their experience within the fandom.

Yes, there will always be things that are overheard or seen at a con. You can't avoid some of it, and as children take in a lot of what is around them, you may have to explain it to them. But that is your responsibility as a parent, and can easily be a learning tool. How many people in the furry fandom would have benefited as children if their parents had pointed out that NO, that is not socially acceptable behavior, and no, you shouldn't do that in public? A lot of furries are socially inept, or stunted. If they had had a little guidance as children, perhaps this could have been avoided.

In the end, if our child decides they want to be a furry, then that is their choice. I am not going to push it on them. Their parents will be furries, will have fursuits, furry artwork (non-erotic fyi) on the walls, and their friends will be furs. But in the end, if they don't want to be furries, that is their choice, and I will respect it. Should they choose to be in the fandom, then as a parent I am confident that my friends (who don't do a lot of what has been mentioned above) will provide a positive environment.
5 years, 11 months ago
A very decent answer. It looks like you have a pretty good grasp on this. I don't have anything to add other than *nods a lot in agreement*
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