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Dakis on their way, general update and Thank You. :3

It slipped my mind to post this when I mailed them, but just letting you all know that last batch of dakimakuras are in the mail and on their way to you.

Normally these don't take nearly as long to deliver, but I had some issues on my end that held things up, so I'm terribly sorry for that.

I hope you'll all find them worth the wait once they arrive, and as always I'm happy to hear/see what you think when you get it. ^_^

I'll be trying to get the Roni one done and available for pre-orders before the end of April. He's going to be aged up, like Jesse was, to older teen/young adult, and yes, he's still a fattie, so I think this one will be kinda rare as far as dakimakuras go; you don't see many characters for the chubchasers. ;3

Other than that, I'll be doing some more ych auctions soon, another Cam/Scott collab with fasttrack for people who want to throw themselves at the two studs and missed getting in on the first two, as well as some other things. I'll be doing a set of ych auctions for people who'd want to get in on some playtime with the Collins brothers, giving each of the three boys their own little harem of playthings, which might just include you! The first round will be mixed cub/adult stuff, so those will be on IB obviously, but I may do a second round with their older variants on FA for everyone else to have a chance at the boys. So, if you reeeeeeeeeally wanna be in one of those, now might be a good time to start setting aside pocket change. ^_^;;;

On that note, since I know auctions generally rocket these things out of most peoples' easy spending range pretty quickly, I'm also going to be trying some mew methods for quick and cheap commissions. You guys know I'm generally an advocate for artists raising their prices (it really shouldn't be such a big argument to convince people that doing decent custom-tailored artwork on demand SHOULD be earning you well more than burger-flipping wages), BUT, I also like to think you guys know that I do appreciate the people who appreciate the stuff I put out, regardless of whether they pay me or not. I'm thankful to my fans/watchers/followers, and I >LIKE< my fans/watchers/followers. So as awesome as it is to be making a decent living doing this, I don't like being entirely beyond the reach of some of you who really do like my stuff but just can't swing the usual prices.

Some time in the next several days, I'll post another journal about that and take some 'standard' sketch commissions where you just give refs and the idea and I'll deliver the pic without you needing to be present for a live stream. Please don't note/email/ask about those just yet though, I won't be taking slots or early reserves for those at all, just wait for that journal to pop up and follow the instructions then, please. :3

I'm also wanting to do another free sketch stream sometime soon, but that's harder to swing since taxes kinda kicked my ass this year. I'll sort things out though, so keep an eye open for that journal, too.

I'm trying to get a little more organized in general cuz lately I've kinda fallen out of what had been a nice little routine for a while. I also intend to start posting more (yes, yes, heard it before), picking some goodies from the massive amount of stuff I've drawn and never posted over the last couple years (cd collections available, blah blah, info here: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=64966 ). XD

So, there's some news, some word on what I'm doing, etc, blahblah. As always, thank you all, I'm always thrilled to know how many of you get some kind of enjoyment out of what I do. Thank you, and I hope you continue to like what I'm putting out there for however long I'm able to keep it up. :B
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Guess it's time for me to buy more pillows then.
6 years ago
can I reserve my Roni pillow now please XDDDDDDD (need to beat the rush)
6 years ago
Yay this is the best news ever! I can't wait!
6 years ago
" this one will be kinda rare as far as dakimakuras go; you don't see many characters for the cubchasers.

Did you mean Cubchaser, or chubchaser?
5 years, 12 months ago
I did mean chubchasers. XD
5 years, 12 months ago
Yay! Hopefully I will enter at one of the boys auctions.
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