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just gotta say i'm not really into mature art that much anymore and anything else I post here never really got attention, so I'm just going to stop posting here :u
if you want to continue seeing my artwork I'll be on deviantart and furaffinity.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
See you there then
6 years ago
lol, so you just post art for attention? Have fun then.
6 years ago
If I really just posted art for attention I would stay here and continue drawing adult art because that's what gets the attention, no?

Honestly, it gets kinda boring and pointless to stay here when I'll be posting the same stuff as anywhere else and it gets no feedback here. The majority of my watchers are from dA/FA anyway, and I hardly post anything that anyone without an account couldn't see, so even if my watchers here didn't have accounts on those, it's still possible to follow me. Plus, managing accounts on the 4-5 different websites I have gets tedious, so I prefer to keep the ones that are actually necessary.
I originally joined inkbunny to post adult artwork and possibly get myself more known out there so I could get more commissions, but considering I rarely get on anymore or draw the things I originally intended to post here, I see no point in staying. Excuse me if that's such a bad thing, lol
6 years ago
Reposting can be annoying. Thats why I like copy/paste. :D

Also, I guess I had another user mixed with you as I thought you had 2 accounts. I was confusing you with
6 years ago
I can't get on furaffinity x.x
Well I will see chu on DA <333
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