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A Day With The 3DS

Hey everybody! Sorry I was gone for so long. I plan on letting everybody know how I'm doing in another journal later, because now, I'm going to be doing a Journal on the Nintendo 3DS, which I went out and bought on release date, and I got 2 games for it: Super Street Fighter 4, and Pilot Wings Resort.

I'm actually quite pleased with the system. I did screw around with it for pretty much the whole day. I got the Aqua Blue, and it's a pretty metallic and shiny paintjob. It feels just like a DS in your hands, and the placement of the new Circle Pad is actually kinda nice, and it works well. It even works on normal DS games, but you can still use the D Pad for those too. MP3 audio files now play on the 3DS, so if you got some space on your SD card, take some tunes with yah. I have noticed that the Speakers are much improved from the DSi, at least in my opinion.

Yes, the games do look good in 3D. It kinda feels like your looking into a window, and everything is really there inside. It doesn't so much come out AT you, but it does look sweet. Guess they chose a good tag-line for the system: Take a look inside. BUT Pilot Wings took my eyes a little time to adjust to the 3D, but after a while, it looks great. Street Fighter is sweet too, and I can't wait to smash some people on there, but I was never a HUGE SF fan, sad to say. But if you wanna exchange codes, I'll play with yah! The outer cameras are in 3D, but they're the same quality as the normal DSi's, so that kinda sucks. But playing Face Raiders had me DYING laughing, and the AR games seem cool, but I didn't play them a whole lot... I can see more cool stuff coming from that in future games.

My only complaint for the system: It's not COMPLETE. Many of the applications are NOT included, but will be added later through. The Eshop, and internet browser aren't up yet. The only thing that kept me from selling my DSi, was that I can't do a system transfer until a few months later. That kinda pisses me off, I could've gotten 75 bucks back in a trade with that. There was a cute little 3D Music video demo with the new system update, and I hope that 3D movies will come later, if Nintendo doesn't puss out. Another thing, there isn't too many GREAT games on release, and we gotta wait until this summer for the good ones. But overall, I'm pleased with this new system. DS finally steps into more modern times, and does it awesomely.

I'll get back to you all later on life, and stuff. And before you ask, my 3DS friend code is 1547-5193-4828 See you online!

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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
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