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Opening Commissions

I've put alot of thought into it. Call me crazy, but it's something I have to do, now hear me out.
I'm re-opening commissions because it's time to wipe the slate clean. It's time to wipe the slate clean because I'm getting what I'd like to think of as an artist's second wind; meaning this is a new me now. New me means I need rid of my old issues which is my old workload and the debt I'm in because of it. So I'm gonna take on a new workload so that I can pay those guys off. You know how it is. It's like looking at a past you and being pissed with your naivity.

The reason I want to take on more work is so that I can get those done more quickly and as I said; wipe the slate clean. This is what I need right now because my second wind is motivating me to become a new person regarding my work. I want to give my style an overhaul, particularly my linework. I've looked around a lot of the artists here that I admire most and observed how they do things. I really want to take their influences into my big metephorical mixing palette and come out with something that's both original and better looking. I want to focus particularly on faces/heads, hands and legs/feet. Mostly faces. I want this because my characters all look very similar and although some of them are pretty cute, they aren't real enough, so I want a style that lets each of my characters become more individual and allows for me to convey emotion better through facial expression. After all this, I'll either incorprate my new colouring techniques or improve on them too. I want to be one of the best, right up there with the great, well known, iconic artists over on FA [or rather the fur-fandom as a whole] and I'm going to bloody make it, I tell you!

In short, I'm taking on new work to get rid of my old work. Sorry to say it, guys, but I need this. I have to go while the batteries are still fresh if you know what I mean. C'mon. It's been what.. Six months? I'm sure you guys are sick of me by now and I'm sick of being sick of myself. Time for some change and time you got what's yours back.

In all, I owe a total of about $190, but I'll call it $240 to allow for the fee that paypal's likely to take out of these transactions. Going by my current price list, that's 12 full colour pieces I need to do. So I'll be keeping a record of who I owe that moeny to and I'll be re-writing my profile. Although I'm going to tweak my prices a little for comic pages a little so that people aren't so encouraged to bomb me with those commission types.

I reccommend pinups/solo character pieces but I can do pr0n if that's what people want [of course it is] since they can get done the quickest. Since this is Inkbunny and it's allowed, I'm willing to cub/porn art to some extent. Ask me about it. I've just put up a new commission price list, or rather refreshed one if you're interested. So yes. 12 slots. I'd like it if people would pay in advance so I can get the people I need paying back done and out of the way but please only do this if you can be patient wth me, as I'm sure I've said in the past, college work has to comes first. I've had to wait four years to get back to where I am and forgive me for putting it so plainly; but I can't afford to and won't fuck it up. But if you can be patient, thank you. You're damned awesome. Of course paying right off the bat isn't mandatory. In any other circumstance I'd rather you didn't, but these are despereate and fleeting times for me. If you're interested in something, get in touch via notes. If you'd like something not on my price list, get in touch and we'll see about it. If there are any questions about commissions or if there's anything unclear about my prices, don't be afraid to get in touch.

New commission prices here: [Warning, NSFW]

Right, I think that's it. Sorry for the long journal but it would've been pointless of me to not fully explain what's going on. Thank you all very much for reading and I can't wait to hear from people, commissioners or otherwise.

- Nox
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