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A Message to Everyone

I've had a few notes with these questions pop up, so i'd like to just make it known for people who are curious.

1. I don't RP, I'm too busy to sit down and do that kind of thing but if I had the time i'd probably only want to do it with close friends. I used to be big on that stuff back in my High School days but the real world comes first. Sorry dudes.

2. Trades, i'm very iffy on trades and i'll be honest with you. I look at a persons gallery and their style, I like seeing people who have a variety of art interests whether you like drawing your character as a Kingdom Hearts rip off, or making glowy disco trance music what I look for originality, or at least creativity because that's what I like the most in any artist I commission or watch. The moment I see your character having sex with everything under the sun i'm immediately turned off...I mean hell even one cock on the front page and I lose interest. This is just me though so don't take it personal, just be aware of that, I want to help people grow as artists not fulfill sexual fantasies or something. Still! I love to draw with other artists so thank you for asking me!

3. Gift Art, knock yourself out. I draw gifts for people ALL THE TIME so i'd be a douche to say no. However, I ask first, then ask them what they're comfortable seeing, what they don't like, and then draw. Yes, you've seen my character have sex with a slew of other characters, 99% of them are all my close friends only and I have paid for it. I honestly don't like seeing him having sex with random characters or your character if I don't at least know you, so if you draw that I will happily accept it and thank you deeply. But i'll request you not post it.

I do realize the sudden questions coming from all the artwork I've had done recently. I'm glad everyone likes Rivers he's a very well thought out design courtesy of my besty
so if you're thanking me, go thank him too he drew the very first picture of him and based his look after me irl.

Take care,
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