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"The Bedrock Mines"

I know people are probably tired of hearing stories about Minecraft by now, but...

On a whim I decided to do some mining underneath my small mainland outpost (having previously been stranded on an island), only this time instead of digging a 3x3 mineshaft straight down (using ladders) that I had adopted from one LP or another, I dug diagonally...

After one small dead-end cave or another, I decided to keep digging my diagonal shaft, right down to bedrock...

8 blocks from bedrock, I punched perfectly through into the end of an abandoned mineshaft tunnel, and right around the corner of the short tunnel was a dungeon... filled with the reanimated skeletons of those miners who "dug too deep", no less, akin to the dwarves of Moria... O_o

There were 2 chests, and a small diamond vein (among other things) right outside the dungeon.

But the abandoned mineshaft kept going... right to the bedrock. Oh dear god, the bedrock! I can't see my hand in front of my face! D8

This is going to be an extremely dangerous excavation, as soon as my nerve returns... damn that spider randomly taking fall damage somewhere behind a wall that sounds like bubbling lava... oh, the horror... I know what kind of spiders infest abandoned mineshafts... D8

It occurs to me that the diagonal technique could be an effective mining method, if performed in all four directions and coupled with the central 3x3 shaft and tier upon tier of branch mining tunnels, to eventually hollow out a pyramid of stone in the quest for ore... gotta get me them diamonds! Rofl. 8P
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