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X-Cub week Two,  I love the smell of plasma in the morning

The Skyranger sets down  in a suburban  area right next to a Gas Station,   Six little cubs all hustle out,  there armored boots clanging on the assault ramp ad there little peckers sway in the downdraft from the engine.     In several case there brown armor seems to only tighten the odd color  of the boys fur.  They take cover behind the nearby cars scanning the area with there guns.  

"I don't see anything, Do you see anything?"  Mutters a scared blue scaled dragon.

"Shush"  says the purple furred husky,  "We don't want to let them know where here."

"Yeah cause the super sonic VTOL capable transport that brought us in was sooooooo stealthy"  Mutters the black and white bunny.   Sasha the husky shoots him a dirty look and he clams up.

As they move forward green bolts of light fly out of the gas station cacooning the white bunny in green glowing energy.  

"Plasma stunner hit the dirt!"   the whole squad including the injured bunny hit the ground.   though in his case he didn't have a choice the energy shock curling him into a ball.    They return fire bullets chewing into the store front as two soldiers try to flank the enemy in the store.   The little orange tiger kitten with the name "W ONE" stenciled on his armor circles moves slowly the fire from the front making it hard to pay attention to his surroundings.   He see's the back door but it looks like his partner on the other approach got here first.   The purple bat was held pinned to the ground by a long wiry 3 fingers hand,  as the alien creature hunched over him.   It's huge black eyes were rolled back in its massive gray head as it thrust a member that seemed to have far to much girth to match its scrawny body up under the little bats tail.   It clicked out it's excitement as the boy squealed.   Wicked didn't know if Shakuna was enjoying himself or not but its better to take the shot now rather then risk it escaping.   but that's when her hear the clicking alien voice behind him and realized in the end he might not be the one taking the shot tonight.

Honored Dead
Rookie Kaza Ookami  1 kill on  1 mission
Sargent Kaza Ookami 2nd "Pox" 7 kills on missions
Rookie Kevin Snowpaw Died on his first mission
Assault Captain Jqraptor "Spitfire" 19 kills on 11 missions
Support Squaddie Scales 1 kill on 3 missions
Sniper Captain Inazuma Okami "Zed" 19 kills on11 missions
Support Captain Bunny Cub "Freud" 19 kills on 6 missions

Active solders
Psychic Support Colonel Sasha Belle "Padre" 30 kills on 16 missions
Assault major Shakuna Bat "D.O.A." 19 kills on 12 missions
Heavy Lieutenant James the Husky "Moose" 12 kills on 6 missions
Assault Colonel Emperor X "All Day" 30 kills on 12 missions
Heavy Corporal Kaza Ookami 3nd 4 kills on 2 missions
Heavy Major Scales 2nd "Strobe" 15 kills on 9 missions
Sniper Major Inazuma Okami "Athena" 15 Kills on 6 missions
Psychic heavy Captain Jqraptor "Flash" 17 kills on 8 missions
Support Lieutenant Bunny Cub 2nd "Axle" 5 kills on 6 missions
Heavy Sargent Kaza Ookami 3rd "Dozer" 8 kills on 5 missions
Assault Sargent Wicked One "Devil Dog" 8 Kills on 3 missions
Assault Corporal Kevin Snowpaw 2 kills on 3 missions

We lost spitfire and while his actions saved the rest of the squad I'm ashamed to say it was bunny cub that got him killed

It was during the assault on the hidden alien base.
We had successfully defeated a small squad of Crysilids When Captain Bunny Cub got a little to far ahead of the squad.   From the west another swarm of the insectiods scuttled in and the Bunny was surrounded.  Supporting fire from the squad managed to kill one and wound another but Bunny Cub fell to there acid fangs.  Under a hail of covering laz bolts Spitfire charged forward,  the wounded one fell to the withering fire from the team but Jqraptor avenged his fellow captain by jabbing the focusing lenses of his laser shotgun into the purple beasts thorax and blasting it to shreds.   However as he was checking the fallen for a pulse Bunny's corpse animated by the larval Crysilid surged up and beat the life out of the the brave captain.  The reanimated corpse was quickly brought down and the team managed to win the day but it was a rough loss,  two of our highest ranking officers on one mission

A few highlights from this week the squad took turns on a downed Abductor class ship drawing the attention of a heavily armored Mutron Berserker,  using light laser weapons the led him around the battlefield until he was tired and wounded,  then Shakuna Bat came up behind him and tazed his ass

Also I'd like to say Sasha Belle's Padre nickname seems fitting now that he was our first Psychic soldier

Technology wise we have starting outfitting our crews with plasma style weapons,  and we now have the blueprints for the Firestorm (fighter craft built with stolen alien tech)
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
Looks like I'm kicking ass ;3
6 years, 1 month ago
Woooot, go me! :3
6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
Hehe well its amusing my second incarnation has the nickname Strobe, considering thats what my markings do as a lightning dragon~ Hopefully he has better luck then the first one!
6 years, 1 month ago
Woooooo, 30 kills! And a big ass promotion too. Colonel "All Day", I like that. I can't wait do assault some more! I guessing between me and Sasha, Sasha is acting CO due to seniority and I'm XO right?
6 years, 1 month ago
XD so far so good, other than having to worry about all this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y_nACag-Oc hehe.... whole tazing made it all the better :3
6 years, 1 month ago
Yikes, I'll just stick to the new recruits. I am the "assault colonel" after all.
6 years, 1 month ago
yay heavy luitenant
6 years, 1 month ago
Damn I died, oh well back to basic I guess! :3
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