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Asshole Drivers

Okay, so we were coming back from seeing my psychiatrist Dr. Feldman, when we noticed a red pickup truck of some sort tailing us. Couldn't tell what it was, as it was one that belonged to one of those drivers who thinks it's cool to remove the makers' badge from the grill. What I can tell you is it was a very large truck already, one of those overly long four door trucks, but its owner had made it even bigger with a modified undercarriage that gave it higher ground clearance and larger, almost monster truck sized wheels. So this big red monstrosity tailgated us for a while. My mom refused to go any faster, because she was going the speed limit, and if the driver of the hideous beast behind us didn't like it, well, tough shit.

Ultimately, the truck did pass us. As it did so, it roared by with a growl that vibrated our poor little Ford Focus. Evidently the driver had a glass pack or something. The windows were all tinted, and anyway the vehicle was too high up as it passed us for me to see the driver. After passing us, the truck proceeded to do the same thing to two other speed-limit-obeying cars ahead of us, jumping one after the other in the drivers' apparent haste to get to wherever it was they were going.

But the real doozy is the guy who passed us not even five minutes later. Just as the red pickup was disappearing over the horizon (the driver was really flooring it), we found ourselves tailgated by a smaller Ford Ranger and behind it, a dark green Dodge of some sort, which dwarfed it. It wasn't long before they passed us, too. The Ranger swung around and I, annoyed at such impatient drivers who insisted on riding right behind other cars and then speeding past when the person in front doesn't increase their speed to their liking, glanced at it. The driver was a fairly young guy with glasses, and he gave our Focus a dirty look, exasperated, as if to say how dare we go the speed limit.

Then he was past us. And then came the huge green Dodge. I hadn't yet turned my head to look out the front again, and, so, as the Dodge shot past, essentially right on the Ranger's rear, I saw its driver: a very skinny elderly man. And he was yelling at us. His face was twisted into an expression of such disgust and rage as I've never seen on a person before. He wore glasses, a baseball cap, and was in bad need of a shave. One hand gripped the wheel, the other held a very large cigar. And as he flew past us, he shouted inaudible things before continuing on. I was taken aback. Ahead, he, like the red truck before, started car-hopping, passing even the Ford Ranger, and then he was gone.

What a very surreal experience...
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
I had a similar experience, that gave me great personal delight to have to stop and help the idiot driver.

First off, the road was a solid sheet of ice, it being right after a mix of sleet and freezing rain.  And second, he was driving a Geo something or other.  A toy jeep, really.

Well, after tailgaiting me for a rather long time, he passed me, and at the intersection I was turning right, he attempted to turn right also.  He did succeed in his car facing to the right, but he was still traveling straight at great speed...

A few rules of driving:

1. When you get behind the wheel of a car, you are committing to an activity.
2. Slow down
3. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by any other activity that can be avoided.
4. Slow down
5. Remember the goal is to get to where you are going safely.
6. Slow down
6 years, 1 month ago
reminds me of the movie fuel with a nut cace truck driver
6 years, 1 month ago
Duel. :)
6 years, 1 month ago
Have a speeding-truck trifecta like that is indeed unusual.
Question: in which lane were you doing the speed limit?
6 years, 1 month ago
The only available lane. It wasn't a highway, just a two-lane country road.
6 years, 1 month ago
Very good.
6 years, 1 month ago
The joys of owning a pice of shit car.

I hate tailgaters and i cant even drive.
Hasn't stoped me from owning a few cars tho. (i hire out drivers)

Well i had a ford festeeva (probly spelled that wrong)

It's a small EcoBox hatchback form the 80's the care itself looked like it has be squished then reinflated like a soda can.

Dam thing was a real workhorse if riddled with small glitches. but it got ya from point a to z hikuping and coghing the whole way (actuily the motor in this thign was great if small.)

The SUV/VAN encounter.

Were heading out to a friends house just outside town when this HUGE van/truck pulls up behind us
Were on a 45 mph road going about 48 NO TRAFIC otherwise. when this van pulls up so close up our ass if i open the hatch i could of touched the grill...

Well then whent on for a while we tried waving the person on even slowd down.. well when my driver looked we saw a curlly headed woman jabbering away on the phone acashonaly honking at us... honistly i dont know how she even saw our little car from her point of view the thing towerd over us and she was so close i bet she was smelling our exost in her AC

A few minuts of this and i finaly had it told my driver it was time to teach dumb bitch a lesson.....

10 seconds later.. we slamed on the brakes... then sped up a bit.   this in fact caused an interesting thing to happen.
do to the reletive size diffrince in our vehikals we maniged to rip the entier front grill off this van and pull some radeator hoses or puncture it... steam and a bumper hit the road

oh it scraped and dented the hatback nothign a hammer couldnt fix and the car was multi colored to begin with :p

We did stop Cop gave her a huge ticket for reckles driving endangerment and tailgating.
you see the small studder in our speed even tho we did step on the brakes was so minute that if bitch would of been in the right spot we would of never even gotten close to each other.

and she was pissy the whole time...

Wonderful day that was :)
6 years, 1 month ago
Not sure I'd call the Focus a P.O.S. It's a nice little car.
6 years, 1 month ago
Maybe they were a group in a hurry to the bar to be assholes. *shrugs*

I notice bad drivers everywhere, being a semi driver. I try my best to obey the rules of the road, but sometimes I swerve. I know that freaks drivers out, but I do my best to maintain (something spills or drops and I try to fetch or move it and regain my lane) but the biggest problems I've been having are people trying to merge with me coming up on the lane. No matter how many times I slow down, and people pull ahead of me, they spy me in their rear view and come to an almost full stop. This only puts them neck and neck with me, as I've slowed to let them merge.

I'm tired of it! I've stopped slowing up for people, because it takes me 5 minutes to regain my speed while they sputter off, clueless and shaken.

[ I've a twitter (at)Truckin_Nerd where you can hear more of such rantings, observations, and this and thats. :3 ]
6 years, 1 month ago
Since I'm a fairly 'new' driver, almost all over again, I just sort of chuckle and think to myself, 'you first for the ticket then!'
or 'maybe you can afford a nice shiny ticket but I can't' :D
My roommate says in some ways I can be too polite a driver :P
Although my truck is a red Ford Ranger
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