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Most amazing title in the history of ever like oh my glob

... Yeah.. x3
This will be full of the usual ramblings and stuff thought up on the spot cos I feel like talking, so no need to read any of this unless you want to read pointless stuff.

These credit card things are evil! Though I think I've a debit card or something... I don't know.. the woman was just like "lie about stuff!" and I was like "woman do your job!" and she was like "NEVAH!! here have candy" and we had candy..
Yes.. that so happened *nodnods*
What was my point?

I'm supposed to be 'saving' to build a pc that can actually ya know, work decently. But then I'm just like "BUY AWL OF THE CUTE THINGS!" and no money gets saved x.x
I'm good with moneys...

Art wise! The other week I was all motivated and like "draw awl of the stuff" and now it's so the opposite. And it's annoying cos them comics are never gonna get worked on x3
However I'm probably gonna do random gift stuff during next week cos I want to make practicing worthwhile, like ya know, make things people want instead of random pointless stuff I come up with.

Though I do want to do some random fun pictures too, so possibly lots of art, note the word 'possibly'.

Once I do at some point get a PC that's decent, I was considering possibly live-streaming or something like that. Cos that might be fun, I'm not sure if my internet speed would allow it, but we can try. I'd probably end up talking though, so yeah... I'll hafta draw on screen subtitles for you people that aren't accustomed to an Irish country person-ish accent. Though like.. very few people seem to understand me anyways so eh x3
Also hope ye like extremely random music x3

These journals never have much point but I like talking, maybe ye can get to know me a tad and vice versa. Cos I personally don't like artists that don't try to talk to people or just blabber about randomness. Maybe that way ye can get more comfortable with me, and decide if ye like me or not. But yeah, these journals are always kinda scary to post and write cos if no one talks back it's kinda sad.
I hope though, that my IB is nice, cos like my FA is so boring, seriously no one talks to me so I don't post journals or arts much x3

I'm so bad with people, seriously. Specially groups, by gawd. In group chats I just can't feel comfortable, it's always really scary, I've seriously ended up distancing myself from the Irish furs since I stopped talking in the group chats for a bit and then there was new people and it was scary, so I kinda just ended up avoiding it. It's kinda lonely, I hope people remember me at meets.
Isn't that like the scariest thing? When you've met people and that but they don't remember you the next time ye meet.  
Hmm, it'd be sucky.

Feedback an stuff is always welcome on my pictures, I gotta improve a lot to make art that is somewhat decent, so ya.

Stay awesome!

Smile, smile, unicorn and stuff~<3

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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
I bought my computer in parts.  The best one was the monitor  HP w2338h.  All I know is that I bought it for bairly 250 including tax and its HD and plays movies awesomely.  Anyway enough with my own ramble..... See if you can find stuff that is a display Item or floor model and buy that.  So what its used but cheep.  Walmar, Kmart, Sears, and even Office Depot will occasionally update there monitors and things.  Rarely is anything ever kept more than two years sometimes less.  Best way is to find the video/eletornics manager and just ask.   "When do you think you might be getting rid of the floor models?"  You never know you can get very lucky.

Also so many of us have more computer than we need.  Had mine for at least two years and not even 1/4 of the hard drive is full and here I was considering more.   My advice is there is nothing wrong with a downgraded basic model.  Upgrading is sometimes easier than saving the extra hundred or two needed for a near top line model.
6 years, 1 month ago
Yeah my computer just sucks, seriously CS5 basically kills it. Can't even play 8-bit games on it the thing is so fecking bad. But see the thing is, I've no idea about computers. A friend said he'd build me one if I could get the money, and it was like 300 or something, so that's class like, way better than what I already have so it wouldn't constantly freeze on me and pretty cheap.

No interest in top line models an stuff, cos like. Computers get better so quickly that you could pay a load for one and then the next year it'd be terrible in comparison to another one, it'd cost too much money trying to keep up to date like and in all fairness I don't need a computer that good x3

Thanks though, and ramble all you like, tis what journals are for~
6 years, 1 month ago
All cards are evil! i suck at saving too X3 but at least you have cute things *nods*
Random stuff is good though; it makes you think about a bunch of ideas and such, so i say continue to draw random things. Fun random things are even better :p
Building a PC sounds hard but good luck ^w^ It'd be fun to watch you draw arts and listen to you chat. Im not sure i'll get all of what youre saying but whatever i dont get, i could just nod and smile...but you wouldnt see anyway Xp I'll just tell you i smiled and nodded.
I like to read journals and stuff sometimes (the ok ones), but i could never write down my randomness x.x besides there being too much of it, most of it wouldnt make sense i guess. But yeah, FA is kinda boring when it comes to the journal things. No one really says anything on journals or submissions, so i see why you stay away a little >.>
It would be kinda scary to go to a meet or something and you remember everyone but no one remembers you. But then kinda cool because then you get to meet the cool people all over again ^w^

Your art is decent though! so no saying its not! *paws at*

*smiles and captures a unicorn* like that yeah? ^w^
6 years, 1 month ago
Totes like that x3
*Cuddles tight* yer so silly!
You should make all the really random journals, them not making sense is the best part! (tends to delete a ton so his makes sense, and even then...)

Well Mr.Keaton, you don't need to buy cute stuff cos yer already all of the cute x3
6 years, 1 month ago
Credit cards are evil >:) I know that feeling. My spendings increased a lot since i use paypal to buy stuff online. It only takes a few mouse-clicks and your munnys are gone.
About your PC, maybe it will be easier and cheaper if you just upgrade your old PC instead of buying a new one. Or buy the parts separately and build it yourself (or have it built by a friend).
I don´t think it would be that hard to follow you on a stream. English isn´t my native language, but as long as you don´t talk too fast i should be able to understand you. I always had good English teachers who tried to teach us a good everyday English^^
And your artworks are already decent. The next step would be to make them ultramegasuper-awesome X3
6 years, 1 month ago
They're so evil >.<
Yeah paypal is evil too! But at the same time really handy.. *buys everything*

Yeah a friend is actually just gonna build me one with parts, just gotta get him the money, so huzzah having friends that understand computer things!

Oh, well good luck! Cos I don't think I talk fast and I do try talk slower than I normally do with my friends when talking to other people. But supposedly I talk really quick, my friends mother from England said "I love your accent, it's really cute but I can't understand a thing you say, I get the first two words and that's it." She was kinda just smiling and nodding whenever I spoke x.x
Will do my best to talk really slow, just type angrily at me if I'm incoherent :3

That step is like miles and miles away x.x
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