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So... As you may or may not be aware, finals week ended last week, and I'm started on the final trimester of my high school journey, before I'm a college student. And, while I'm scared and almost in denial about it, I've come to accept my fate of soon having to move from my house to do things in the real world in college. But for now, I'm going to enjoy my last months as a student in high school. So... Things I need to say will be first. Then, less important things will follow.

I currently owe exactly two commissions. Those will be done today, possibly. At the end of that, upon posting those things, I will post a journal stating I'm open for more art. These will include the following: commissions (via dA points), requests, and trades. As well, more details on all art things I do.

As it is my last few months in school, I don't want to catch "senior-itis", so I'll be working on school work as frequently as ever. So, don't expect me idling out of homework and hanging out online more. In fact, expect me offline more and more towards May.

Especially since I am going to be out increasingly this month in the hopes to do some community service. I plan to do some things on the weekends, do some good. Cause... I dunno... I'm bored sometimes and I feel my time would be better used if I helped others. So... Yeah.

On March 13th, 2013, the new pope, leader of the Catholic faith is: Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina, first pope of Argentina, of Latin America, of any American. He is called Pope Francis. I pray he may lead the Catholic people well with the aid of God for years to come. This may not seem important to some. But, it's important to me and my mom. That's like the American equivalent of getting a new president, except our leader has true ultimate power over our faith. I'm still new at this whole Catholic thing, in terms of being an active practicer, so forgive slight inaccuracies.

Also, as he was introduced, he gave all his peoples, us Catholics, a blessing. It made us, for a moment, completely absolved of all our sins. *Then, comes on to this website and sins several times before bed ^^;* Well... There's that.

So, this trimester is going fun. I've got good classes to finish my high school career. I start my day off with creative writing. So, expect more literature to appear here for awhile. Then, on to African history. I know there's over 50 countries and many indigenous groups and languages, and we have 13 weeks to go over it all. And, we are not going over it all, though. But, I will enjoy the class, as I love learning about all the unique groups of peoples that inhabit this continent that's 1/5 of all land mass on Earth. Then, physics honors. My favorite class this trimester. Did I mention I love science very much? (And, NO! Science and religion CAN coexist. Both prove each other MUCH more often than they disprove each other, once you pass creation and primeval myths.) Después de las ciencias, tengo la clase de Español. Será una clase difícil, porque necesito practicar mi español más que puedo, porque mi padrastro se prohibe la idioma en la casa. Porque el es un "xenófobo". Then, music slash study hall. And, that's my day. And, that's it.

Well... There's all that. If you've read all that, good for you. If not, then... You're not gonna see this sentence. The word to obtain one free art from me in my next journal is "Guavaberry"; say that in your comment of my next journal, but only the first two.

Well... Byee.
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Good luck, Gabriel.
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