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Fucking Meme's


Name: That's A Mystery <3
Age: I'm a dinosaur,babe.
Race: White trash.
Gender: Vaginas all around.
Normal Questions:

Define normal using approximately ten words.
There. Is. No. Normal. You. Know. Really. No. Such. Thing.

Would you frame someone else if your friend committed murder? No, I would kinda just probably be like...*backs away slowly* not my problem.
When is killing justified? No Comment, really.
What do you like most about yourself? I'm creative. Sorta...
What was or is your favorite subject in school? It was always Science and History.
What do you want to do for a career? Film and video. :)
Do you support the war in Iraq? Nope!
Are you religious? Not really.
Do you read, watch or listen to the news often? Heeeeelllll naw.
Is older always wiser? sometimes. unless you're senile.
Was George W. Bush a good president? HAHAHA this is a joke right?
If not, does he deserve to be assassinated? Yes.
Who cares about the rainforest, right? >:I I love the rainforest.
Are you going to marry your favorite celebrity? He's single...but...you never know. ;)
Do you wish you were a celebrity? It would be nice.
Is body structure a good indicator of personality? Not..really..
Is choice of clothing a good indicator of personality? Not really.
Is choice of friends a good indicator of personality? Ehh not really
Are more and more technological advances good for mankind? Fuck if I know, the next thing I know a fuckin' robot is bringing me tea.
Between male and female, which is the weaker gender? Unfortunately, Females are treated like shit.
Do you believe in karma or predestiny? KARMA.
Are you vegetarian? I'm a t-rex.
Do you get along with your family? The good part of my family.
When you discover that you are angry, what do you do to calm yourself? try to calm down.
When you are sad, what do you do to make yourself feel better? cry. :)
Do you need a significant other in your life? nahh
Have you ever truly loved? nope.
Is it okay for you to show weakness? yea.
Is revenge always the answer when you are wronged? it can be.
Is revenge ever the answer? it depends.
Is everyone like an open book to you? for the most part, yes. some people just...you KNOW...they ain' rite.
Do you keep your mouth shut in public for fear of sounding stupid? I do that.
Does your IQ mean much? Not really.
I grant you three wishes. Wish I could never loose my mom. Wish I i had no fear. Wish I had all the fame and money. (to an extent)

This or That

Passiveness or aggression? passiveness
Clinginess or detachment? detachment. Snake bites hurt.
Flattery or honesty? Honesty.
Passion or reason? Reason.
Liberal or conservative? Liberal, I guess.
To listen or to talk? both
To discriminate or to be hurt? to discriminate
Friends or lovers? friends.
Money or fame? money.
Power or freedom? freedom.
Pain or numbness? pain.
Night or day? day
Marilyn Manson or Justin Timberlake? Marily Manson
Pink or Evanescence? Ohh you got me on that one.... I wanna say both...
Nine Inch Nails or Blink 182? Blink 182
Bowling for Soup or Tool? Neither, but i guess Tool.
Kittie or Britney Spears? Who the fuck is Kittie?
Ani or Madonna? Who the fuck is Ani?
Malice Mizer or F4? Who the fuck?
Escargot or no? Yes? no? fuck idk.
Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom? HAHAHAHAHA....Jawnie Derp <3
United States or Canada? US, even though it's the worst country in the world.
Felines or canines? canine
Charlie’s Angels or Kill Bill? charlie's angels
Chicago or The Hours? Chicago?
The Lords of the Rings or The Matrices? TLOTR?
Summer or winter? SUMMER
Finding Nemo or Scary Movie 3? Finding Nemo~~~!!!!
Newsweek or Playboy? Newsweek, not that big on porn.
Renee Zellweger or Angelina Jolie? Angelina
Buy CD or burn CD? A great person always said if you buy a bands CD, you own a piece of the band. so Buy, but if I don't have the money, I'll burn.
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
White... Trash O_o
6 years, 1 month ago
American. I'm white. I'm a white person. American sterotype is people live in trailors there fore are white trash.

I was being sarcastic/
6 years, 1 month ago
XD ah, good to know... tweaks me when people talk about themselves like that like when blacks mis use the N word anywho you have some outstanding qualities ^^
6 years, 1 month ago
Fun read. ^^
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