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Work Drama

Let me just copy-paste an old skype conversation to help make this faster on myself...

I've just got this big thing going on with my old job, thanks to my mother, that's just frustrating in the worst of ways. Nothing's really making me feel any better about it.

[3:41:54 PM] Milkie: I told my Mom about my boss on a regular basis. And she had a real big problem with how he handled his employees by what I was telling her. When I was gonna quit, she insisted I make a fuss, but I told her I had absolutely no interest in doing that. So she did it for me.

[3:44:12 PM] Milkie: She sent an e-mail to the head office and is talking to the Director of Associate Handling. I'm sure it was supposed to be private, but since she had to put her name on it, the management is making a big fuss, dragging my roommates through it, so they're telling me all kinds of stuff. There's an investigation going on, the people I used to work with are now going to have to get sensitivity training, and my boss sounds like he believes I'm much more involved in it than I actually am.

[3:45:17 PM] Milkie: He claims it to be a defamation of character, has threatened to sue my parents and me for it if we push it and it drops, and so on. So, I remind you, I wanted not one single bit of it, and now it's all dramatics and annoyances from something I was convinced I'd gotten away from.

I swear, I could smack my mother for being so bull-headed and absolutely NOT listening to what I wanted her to do. I'm a fucking adult. I am almost 25 years old. That was my decision to make. Part of the reason why I left that shit-hole in the first place was that I was convinced people still saw me as a child... wonder where I get that from?

I feel awful about it. Nothing's really helping. It's either I hear more bullshit about that, or what my poor roommates have to go through because of it... or I sit here looking at all these commissions that just aren't getting done. I know I have to finish them, but my creativity is absolutely stunted. I just want it to stop... why can't I get what I want? Why does this involve me so much, but at the same time not involve me at all?

... I oughta just go back to bed. I don't want to do anything...
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
...Oi.  On the one hand, it sounds like this needs to happen so that whoever is hired next doesn't go through the same crap you did.  On the other...it was your decision to make, not your mother's.  I don't agree with your choice, but it was YOUR choice to make.  

Not hers.
5 years, 10 months ago
I was a great employee. They refused to give me any opportunity to grow in that restaurant. I left knowing that I'd be removing one of the best employees they had, and screw them over for the March Break. I figure I had done enough. Have you ever put up with something so long that you just wanted to be done with it? Yeah, that was me.

Basically, I didn't want to put up with the shit I'm dealing with now. And if for any reason my boss does pursue some kind of legal action? That is a head ache I really, really, reeeeeally don't want. Mum's confident that if he did, no good would come out of it for him - I only worry that despite every single employee in that building being able to say that my boss was a live wire, they might simply say otherwise or play it down so the problem just goes away.

I find his threats of lawsuits as just scare tactics. He told my roommates that and not me or my Mom, because he wants to frighten them into saying he's an alright boss, simply to protect me.
5 years, 10 months ago
Your boss sounds like one of those people who are marvels of probability.  How they manage to go through life without getting the shit beaten out of them baffles statisticians..
5 years, 10 months ago
Eh...sometimes parents try to do what is best for their kids. Even when it isn't best, and isn't what the kid wants. -.- This is one of the reasons I tend to keep my problems bottled up, and away from people I know in real life. Well, except for my brother up until he died. -shrug-
5 years, 10 months ago
You aren't alone, just take a look here: http://notalwaysworking.com
Hope this cheers you up, even if just the tiniest bit, and good luck with it all further
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