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Movie reviews: Jack the giant slayer & OZ

I used to do movie reviews over on FA but I don't think any one ever payed attention to them there so I'm going to try one here. Just got home from seeing these two movies:

Jack the giant slayer: It was an interesting retelling of the story. Rather slow getting into the fun parts but once the giants were found, all hell broke loose. This is not a good movie for small kids and half of the films features people being smashed, stomped on and eaten. The first scene with a giant had him biting a lamb's head off (while its alive). There's a lot of lord of the rings feel to this movie, but its only 2 hours compared to 3 movies. Worth watching though you could skip the first 20 minutes or so and not miss any thing important.

OZ the great and powerful: Slow and boring, you'd think it'd pick up when he got to Oz as they showed every thing to be alive and magical, then nothing was any more. Just him trying to con and womanize till he ends up having to con the witches into leaving. They should have used some of the money they blew on big name actors on better writers. The only positive for me was the little china girl as I have a kink for micro stuff (nothing yiffy, she was just cute though her personality flip-flopped a few times). They snuck in stuff from the original movie, but you had to look for it. Not sure if this is worth watching or not. There's a good number of times they throw stuff at you so its meant for 3D.
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Been to see Hansel and Gretel?
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6 years, 3 months ago
Oz was a real puzzle. It got very high recommendations from the Spill crew and Movie Bob. Only Confused Matthew seemed to not care for it, and I didn't watch his review before seeing the movie because I was initially defensive when I heard that he hated it.

After I saw the movie, I have to say I hate it as well, more than any movie I've seen in a long, long time. Not since Avatar, at least. I heard the 3D praised, but it was one of the most obnoxious uses of 3D that I have seen since they began with the gimmick. I realized as I watched that I am finding it harder and harder to notice the 3D effects anymore--they look about the same as 2D for me because I'm so used to them and the only time they stand out is during those obnoxious in-your-face moments that I hate.

The story meandered and went nowhere. I love watching animated family films, but I would call this one of the most "childish" movies I've seen. Perhaps it was punctuated by adults acting so simplistically and childishly, such as the woman in red falling head over heels in love at first sight to a ludicrous degree, even though she and Oz are clearly adults well into their mid to late 20s--far too old for such silly behavior. There was pretty much nothing to like and a lot to dislike. Overall, I had a terrible time.
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