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Bunny Cubs Bad movie review number one "Kung Fu Rabbit"

For fun I've decided to double up my week end posts

not only will I post my X-Cub project once a week I'll also review one bad movie for you

This week It's The Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit.  
Released in the us in 2011 to try and cash in on the popularity of Kung Fu Panda

The story involves a over weight Rabbit cook who stumbles over a poisoned Monkey Shifu (he had been ambushed boy Slash's quirky mini boss squad)  With The monkey's dieing breath he asks Fu the rabbit to deliver a tablet to his daughter Penny before transferring his kungfu power over to the Rabbit.   Thus begins Fu's epic journey,  On the way He Is "saved" from a pair of laughable bandits by a feline martial artists Penelope, and her pint sized, loud mouthed rabbit side kick Biggie.  Penelope is of course Penny, Shifu's estranged "daughter" (think daughter is translation effect since Penny refers to Slash as brother and monkey, cat, panda family seems odd.)  who had run away from the academy at a young age after deciding she'd rather entertain people as a circus acrobat. Course Fu Being the lovable dim wit he doesn't realize this. He gets to the academy and falls into a job in there kitchen accidentally learning to tap into his new power while training at his kitchen chores.  He meets Penelope again and saves her life, not realising who she is,  It all comes to a rather clumsy head in a tourney when Slash makes a new tablet to try to prove to all the kung fu clans that he is the rightful Shifu,  and challenges any to fight him for the right. Only for Fu to show up at the last minute with the real tablet and finally realize who Penny is.  The final fight is cool, introducing Master turtle, and the Tiger siblings who answer slashes challenge before Fu arrive

I have the feeling that Kung Fu rabbit was originally a good movie till it was brought over to the states.  The animation is actually pretty good and the choreography of the fights is well don it puts me in mind of traditional Wuxia style films.  The character models are pretty good with some exceptions, (the dog kung fu masters in one scene and the otter who works in the kitchen"  thats forgivable since the main chars look great.

The main failing of the movie is the dialog,  It's down right terrible, plus the voice actin is phoned in at best, and they seemed to make no effort to sync the dialog to lip movements.  Jon Heder as the main char Fu  isn't to bad, but he seems to play it a bit to softly,  Michael Clark Duncan as the villain Slash at least tries to get into it,  but the other voice actors sound bored.  Rebbeca black who does Penny is the worst.

The visuals are at least entertaining, and I love Fu as a big fat bunny cook, he's a fun char.  Apposed to Po from the panda movie he's not dreaming of being a great warrior, he's content coking sweet buns to sell and stumbles into the roll of kung fu hero.  With a decent re-scripting, and casting actors who actually want to play the parts it could be a lot of fun  

so over all I wouldn't recommend it bit I might make a nice fight compilation video but I'm not keeping it around.

Next week on bad movie revue I will be covering either Teeth (otherwise known as the reason bunny doesn't date women) Or DeathBed The bed that kills people (or the easiest movie monster in the world to run away from) as the mood takes me

here is one of my favorite clips Fu Cooking, and this is before he gets Kung Fu power

Another update
Here are clips of the fights I mentioned
and you'll see what I mean about the voice acting too
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
rebecca black...... is she that chick that did friday?
6 years ago
From wikipedia it says yes she was.  I have no idea who she is really
6 years ago
exactly, no one really does
6 years ago
the only acters I know from it are Micheal Clark Duncan "Slash"  And Tom Arnold "Shifu"

but take alook at the new clips I posted.   I love the little tiger siblings fight
6 years ago
hehe nice I like movie reviewers like NC or cinema snob : 3
6 years ago
Ah, Deathbed: The Bed that Eats.
How dumb thy movie was upon my stream.
Alas, you doth sucked yet brought us great laughs as we insulted thee.
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