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Comission prices

COMMISSIONS STATUS: OPEN (updated 06.03.2013)

Price depends on character amount, backgrounds and clothes/character complexity etc and is very discussable.


Full Color
45$ for 1 character without clothes & background :) +5 for clothes or simple background
70$+ for 1 character with complex background

70$ for 2 characters without background & cloth, +10 for clothes or simple background
99$ for 2 characters with background

Starting 10$ for 1 characters.
15$ for 2 characters with rough backgrounds.

Linearts (Digital inks) Don't like doing them though :)
50$ for 2 characters with background

Samples (old)
2 characters, color: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5289396 - 75$
2 characters, color: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5200737 - 65$
1 character, backgrounds: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5117589/ - 45$

https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=242711 - 80$

Payment notes
I accept MoneyBookers(Skrill), PayPal & Webmoney.


I always wanted to write down about how I do commission, and what you should be aware of.

Actually you should be aware of all this if you just check my gallery.

1. I will restyle your character to match my style - close-to-human body with anthro features.
2. If i have never drawn anything like you request before, be aware that it could be either more expensive, either different to your expectations. Please scan the gallery to see what I am capable of.
For example I'm bad at drawing dragons(well, all non-furry-animal species), animal paws & animal styled penises.
3. If you are not requesting specific style of coloring/linearting with refering to my pic, I choose that myself.
4. Same goes for details. If something is not specified, I choose myself.
5. I can add some bonuses If like the picture idea :3

scat, cubs, females, overweight/muscled perhaps something else

1. You specify details, I name approximate price and do a rought sketch to verify the pose.
2. You agree to sketch, clarify the description if required, I name final price, you pay. I require 100% payment after pose is clarified, unless you request something really expensive. Payment is done with PayPal.
3. I provide you with detailed sketch to verify character, you clarify details, I do linearts & color. No major changes after detailed sketch is verified.

It usually takes me 1 week - 2 month to finish the commission. I am slow. Be aware.
And 1 week is for small sketch ones, I work on drawing only when I have finished everything else on my main job.

You are free to post images anywhere, if you backlink to me.
You are free to modify pictures, if you a) don't remove copyright from image b) clearly state what was modified in the image c) provide link to original.

Usually I provide maximum quality image to you(if I have) and post downsized picture to my gallery.

Sometimes I do discounts, watch my journals ;)

Don't buy, lol :)
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