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FWA Meme

Where are you staying?
I ... have no idea, but the arrangements are made. I'm assuming close to the con.

What day are you getting there?
14th, I believe. The time prior will be spent unplugged from a PC with my traditional supplies like a tracing pad (animator), writing journal and my moleskines.

Who will you be with?
I'll be brought along sponsored by
as one of the TJA artists and his buddies.

Who will you hang out with during the convention?
Probably Lord Incaros, Feryl, Syrae, and whoever else I can find!

Will you be suiting?
I'm less of a suiter than a monstergirl cosplayer. I have some tiny Luna Moth wings in the top of the closet.

I can't afford such things right now, but I'm interested in making large silk prints of Neonata's wings

 fuzzy antennae, themed dress or dressed up as a Journey catgirl or as Midna in a latex suit and crafting the helmet myself. Pray for good luck in 2014!

... Gosh, is it possible for people to commission you to costume as a character? I don't think I'm real pretty, but I do want to get into crafts and sewing more!

Do you do free art?
Open your sketchbook and I'll doodle something for you in under 5 minutes if I'm not occupied. After the Dealer's Room closes is a good time!

What is your gender?
I have a vagina and sometimes I wear a fake penis.

How tall are you?
5 foot.

Are you taken? Are you looking for a 'mate'?
I have enough Pokemon on my team right now and I've sold my Pokeballs back to the store!

Can I talk to you?

Can I touch you?
Just be normal/reasonable! I won't object to a handpat or a shoulder rub. If you smack my ass or grab my boob, that's a bad touch.

How can I find you?
I'll be in the Dealer's Den at the TJA table! My phone is still borked/I couldn't afford the bill so no Twitter updates.

Can I visit your room?

Nuh-uh. That's my downtime.

Can I buy you drinks?

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Hugs are free, bring your smile and your camera!

Are you nice?
Depends on who you ask and when.

Do you have an artist table?

Dealer's Den.

Will you be going to parties?
If I get invited, sure! I love to mingle until I feel overwhelmed.

Will you be performing?
Oh, like a dance competition? I didn't have any plans to.

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Buttercup or BCS works just fine.

What/where will you be eating?
Whatever and wherever.

Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?
If the others don't mind, sure!

Can I draw in your sketchbook?
Yes! Please!

Can I take your picture?
Sure, that way I can look at it later and cringe.

What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
I NEED MONEY! I am so broke it's not even funny, Paypal is so damn slow to transfer, funds are due and then there's next month's rent... so, yep, bringing some of the con merch for Anthrocon with me and myself and attempting to sell my skills to make ends meet.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
You should make a life size cutout of yourself to hold your table for you while you go talk with other people.
6 years ago
I'll make a giant Neonata cutout after FWA, if I get some money. Though I can't imagine what it's practical purpose would be...how do you even store them?
6 years ago
In a larger cardboard slim box or behind something solid/under the bed where it won't get bent.
6 years ago
Oh, that makes sense. I guess the question then becomes, how I get it on the plane. I suppose I need to measure my luggage.
6 years ago
One way would be to have the support in sections of cardboard that you could connect later and put the paper cutout over it. Otherwise you'd need another seat for your cutout to travel with you.
6 years ago
There's a hilarious mental image. Yeah, I can almost see how to build it and set it up in my head, but I don't know how to make a stand to hold together the folding pieces upright.
6 years ago
I hope you don't have to walk too far to the hotel. I'm actually getting to stay in the hotel this year :D Though...I think that is due in part to the heck we went through LAST year with the shuttle. My mom did not enjoy that one bit.
6 years ago
I only ever book con hotels, with the exception of AC which I no longer attend but would book ANYTHING but the con hotel .
6 years ago
For FWA, I typically have a room the instant the block is announced. For this one I didn't take a chance, I booked as soon as they announced the hotel. It's so nice to be able to hit the dealer's den still wearing slippers. ^.^
6 years ago
I tend to book con hotels when I can. My mom went with me last year so we got a different hotel and used a shutel to get back and forth. She decided not to do THAT again. Too much traffic due to the President being in town. Plus, my mom didn't like waiting.
6 years ago
I'll definitely be looking for you to hang with! It's been far too long since I've seen you. ^.^
6 years ago
Yay! We can sit in Artist's Alley late at night and draw like last time. That was fun.
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