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WWE App secrets! And about WindowsAndroid...

Okay, so you're a WWE fan, you don't have a smartphone, but you want to see the exclusive content on the WWE App? I have uncovered secrets the WWE doesn't want you to know!!

I wanted to use the WWE App on my PC and I attempted to do so through a program called WindowsAndroid, an emulator that allows you to run Android apps on Windows... or at least it should. Problem is, the emulator is so new that it barely runs any more than Ice Cream Sandwich... It's browser also crashes when you try to access Google Play from it, so I had to find a direct download of it. (Which isnt easy since they don't want you do download apps that way!)

What? *TWING! Taptaptaptaptap* Anywho~ I did manage to get the app working... kind of... WindowsAndroid is also incapable of playing video of any sort... so the app crashes anytime it tries to stream video, which it automatically does between commercial breaks. BUT I found a special option that allows you to reload the WWE Active in a normal web browser, and that's when I found out the big secret...

The WWE App actually pulls it's page from a URL you can access on any web browser!!

If you open up http://www.wwe.com/feeds/wweactive, you'll see the exact same page you would on your smartphone! It should look like this in Firefox: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/48774856/WWE%20App%20secrets%2...

There's a problem with this however; Although you can view pre-recorded video, it won't let you watch the live WWE Active stream!


This is because the video is in *.m3u8 format, which neither Firefox nor Chrome can play. Supposedly, Safari will, but it only runs on MacOS as far as I know.

You can try to stream the video through VLC though by feeding it this link: http://video.wwe.com/manifest_live/b_rocket1.m3u8
Proof: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/48774856/WWE%20App%20secrets%2...

Problem is VLC's ability to play this format's highly bugged, causing the video to become corrupted and eventually the player to crash. This might get fixed in the future, hopefully...

Finally, I found out something which I got the idea to try just before tonight's RAW ended; I booted up my Wii U, I went to the WWE Active page in the Wii U's browser, not only did it work, but it played the streaming video as well!!!

Okay, so that's probably not as cost effective as buying a smartphone, but my mom's convinced that it'd be better to keep our worthless landline and pay over $100 a month for something we hardly use, but it's better than not being able to use the WWE App at all!

When I have some time latter, I'll see if the other portals in the WWE App point to normal web pages that can be accessed from a non-smartphone device too! :P
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
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