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I've Just got this to say

And If I piss anyone off at this point I don't really care...
Let me tell you a story about people who go to work every day, people working their fingers to the bone just to support their family people who feel that even a penny could support their family. I salute thee for your hard work and dedication god bless you to those who try your best to get work done and do what you gotta do to give your family and personal life support. However in times like this when jobs are becoming scarce where do you turn for support when you can barely eat and your on your last limb.I've got news for you because it brreaks my heart to see people in need who actually need support in their life and they ask for nothing in return, but then you see people pretending that their poor and need money *you donate* and they turn around and do the same thing. While I admit that I don't know who these people are or their personal life I know the diffrence between someone who's broke and on their last limb and someone who just begging for fun. Now I say open commissions but as I found out the hard way people are picky so don't expect someone to ask you to draw foir them if you're going to produce bull crap in return because then they feel they didn't get their money's worth. Trust me I know Ive matered furry style but failed to master digital style so people probably gonna get sketches out of me that they woun't like and if they do probably commission someone else to color it. But it sickens me that people who are actually in need produce no sign of "help me out with this one" journals instead they lay back and let life pass them by til they get that phone call they weren't promised and slowly rott away to nothing while others sceme and plot on people because people are too nice and say "OMG you poor thing here's $2,000,000 Really... :/

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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Well, I certainly think it's messed up when people ask for money when they didn't budget for bills, and instead spent all their money on toys and games and art and stuff... these are people who need to learn their lesson, and it delays the lesson when friends keep giving them handouts.
6 years ago
Exactly... They should work for their money instead of  asking for handouts, and their friends are no help
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