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Official 'Commission' Rules

As some of you may know, I absolutely hate money. It makes life difficult, causes people to be mean to you, ect ect.

So a lot of you have seen that I prefer to 'trade' my art for things more like a bartering system.

Now, each case is different and my wants are changing all the time, so I cannot set anything in stone, but here's some basic rules to abide by-
-Yiffy/Porn Art is going to "cost" more then just regular adorable art. That's not to say that I won't do a cute suggestive picture [Like my 'Standard UN Military Uniform' picture] for the same price as just simple cute stuff, it's just when nudity or sex is involved.

-The less complex the picture, the less I need in compensation. If it's (for example) just a Bust picture of your fursona, that won't be NEARLY as much as say, a group picture of furs dancing!! Plus the less backgrounds I have to do, the better. XD

- I refuse to do the following kinds or pictures; Vore, Scat, Incest, excessive violence, or Yiffing with my fursona in any way, shape or form. I'm open to drawing a good amount of kinks (Like that latex/bondage commission) but some just make me ill to my stomach. -fun fact, vore has actually made me vomit before-
Some types of things I like to trade for are older, hard to find games like Gamecube, Playstation Network cards, Art trades, and sometimes I just feel generous and do art for free.

ONCE in a blue moon I even hold contests for various, albeit small prizes. When I gotta pick 3 winners and they each get, say, a $10 steam game, that starts stacking up fast. ^^;

I'm always willing to talk about a possible commission, and sometimes even accept money, so don't be worried to ask. Just remember, I hold the right to refuse anyone my services! That means YOU, evil ex mates!!

=P Hope to see you guys later.
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