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Is Friendship Magic? (Bronies, Birthdays and such)

Its 9:40AM and the noise of the train clattering along the tracks fills the carriage. I sit there bored, hoping that the journey to Leeds will conclude swiftly so I wouldn’t have to sit next to the chain smoking moron next to me. And when the train pulled into Leeds station, at the main concourse stood a crowd of several dozen people chatting.

I take a deep breath, summon all my courage, forced all my worries and social nervousness out of my mind, and joined the group. After talking for a while, we all set off for a 6hr wander around Leeds together, chatting and doing different general activities. Most notably cramming Forbidden Planet, OK Comics and Travelling Man beyond capacity. By the time I left for my train home, I felt I had met and hung out with some of the nicest, friendliest people in the world, and met so many new friends.

And so under a false nickname, a non-brony attended Leeds brony meet. And thought it was the greatest day he had experienced in months.

Normally I’d keep all this under wraps as I’m not a big fan of the show. But after thinking about it I believe it’s a good idea to speak about it in order to send a message out to everyone else out there who is nervous in public and has trouble interacting with people they have just met. I forced all the fear out of my body and charged headfirst into the situation, and I feel like I did just fine. I attended the meet because I wanted to make some new friends more than anything else, as I’ve been getting a little lonely as of late.

Say what you want about the show. But the Bronies are met were some of the friendliest people around. It’s no wonder the term “Friendship is Magic” is thrown around so often.


In other news, its my birthday tomorrow. I’m not expecting any presents, so I’m considering getting myself a few nice things. If you really, really like my stories and really, really like to make my birthday nice, why not help me out and commission me for a custom story? £10/$15 for 2500-7000 words, so send me a PM if you’re interested :3
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